Tintin comics: what is Captain Haddock saying (French)?

I mean, in the original French, he keeps saying "mille sabords!", but I can't find "sabord" in my dictionary.

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    1 decade ago
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    Literally: Thousand portholes!

    In the English Tin-tin this repeated phrase of Haddock's was translated as 'blistering barnacles'.


    "mille millions de mille sabords"

    Which in the English Tin-tin it was translated to "billions of blistering blue barnacles."

  • 1 decade ago

    Either he is saying to SCUTTLE the ship...or he is saying "I`m captain Haddock and have slight HEADACHE"...Pick the first suggestion-it is from French dictionary..."Mille Sabords!"=Thousand Scuttles!...(mild cuss)...

    Source(s): From French dictionary; Mille= 1000 Sabords = Scuttles..Now you can turn this into anything you want "figuratively" as answer below me, even into "billions of McDonalds Big Macs served"..
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