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Valentines day dance outfit?

hey i'm in grade 8 and in high school, and before i go on i should confirm that from where i am from high school starts in grade 8. Okay so anyways, i have a valentines day dance comming up and i have NO idea what to wear. something from polyvore would help =D nothing slutty, nothing to reveiling pleasse Thank you soooo much =)

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    ok i just want to warn you dont go on its about the human body google it i did its creepy and that alice girl is like a creeper i am serious dont right now lol

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    what's your budget? this is a pretty expensive catalog... but i'd buy S50372-SD813 Denim Jeans

    $305 (195 GBP) and Border Print Tunic

    $58 and Betsey Johnson Kanata Heel - Magenta

    $190 enjoy

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