Hello Question/Answer friends I need help. I have a used computer with Windows XP Professional and can not?

Install anti-virus program nor will it let me download windows-updates, There are 4 Trojan Horses that I am not able to get rid of as all my spyware programs are being block by these trojans, I were able to run spybot search and destroy but once it ran a scan and half way through the scanning (showing the 4 trojans) it went off the screen not being seen again no matter what I tried therefore I didn't get a chance to fix the problems (get rid of the trojans) the computer is runing super slow. "Help" I do know what to do to get rid of the trojans but the programs are being cut off half way through scanning. I am running Malwarebytes, Spybot search and destroy. I will read all answers. Thanks.

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  • Cosmos
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    1 decade ago
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    Dear Friend i agree with OBI2KENO's answer and you too do the same thing in order your computer to work smoothly.

  • aiyda1
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    You will need to use a very good spyware, worm, trojan, remover. I recommend a combination of Norton 360 with scans set for nightly. Also, I have Internet Explorer 8 which has its own tools for removing such. I also have SuperAntiSpyware, which does not affect Norton 360. and I have scan's set for that too. I further recommend Norton 360 it will backup files and clean your system. I have the system that you have, to the tee. If you don't have IE8, get that too.

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    I had a very similar problem before with one of my computers. I had a free anti-virus software already installed which obviously did not prevent the malwares from infecting my PC. Trying to remove the malwares with free malware removal programs did not do the trick. The malwares even prevented the McAfee I bought from installing.

    I gave up trying to clean out the malwares, copied all my files to an external hard drive, reformatted my computer hard drive, and reinstalled my programs fresh including the McAfee. To make sure I did not copy the malware, I scanned my external hard drive with McAfee before I started copying them back to the PC.

    Since everything else you tried failed, I suggest you start fresh.

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