Valentines Day??????

My Boyfriend Friend passed away on Valentines day 5 years ago so since then he doesnt celebrate valentines day.. this is my first valentines day with him.. should i get him any thing or no??

if so what should i get him?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's unfortunate. Losing another is often difficult and seldom easy.

    Learning to honour your boyfriend's feelings is an opportunity for growth for both of you. Perhaps your boyfriend will allow his loss to be healed by living life more fully and forgiving & healing past, hurtful experiences. You may have a role in this experience by helping him with this process. Healing will help his growth and yours too, as well as to strengthen your abilities to face future losses; parents, siblings, near & dear relatives, and yes friends and lovers too. Facing death matures and prepares us for adulthood and 'rites of passage' like marriage and the birth of a child.

    Maybe he thought Valentine's Day was not important before the loss of his friend and even less important now. Yet facing this loss can help him realize that death comes on its own time and its visits can be any random day. All the days of a life lived are special. To value each day is an act of thanksgiving. His friend's memory can be honoured without sacrificing the happiness of living life in the present.

    Consider that this rather ironic experience can help you become a more loving person by encouraging you to express love in new ways. The timing is ideal. Sharing expressions of love are the perfect gift to give your boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

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    Ooo... that is complicated. Ask him if he would like to go see his old friend? Maybe it's a little too deep. But I know he'd appreciate it, and he'll like the fact that you care about his friend, whom I'm assuming you don't know? But it seems like a friendly gesture. To me. Am I wrong?

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    Yes, I think you should. Maybe a card with a box of chocolate just to wish him a Happy V-Day.

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    hmmm well that sounds very depressing and it sucks for you as well. maybe you can buy him one of those chocolate heart's just don't expect him to give you anything back you said it yourself he doesn't celebrate it so don't be hard on yourself

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