Did you hear that Satan Handy is setting out to retire KISS?

KISS is dead now Look at their latest CD Sonic Boom ,,,,,,WTF ,,,,,,Sounds like a title that belongs in the 70's

Satan Handy is Going all out working on the ultimate CD ,andUltimatee show that's gonna put Kiss out of Business ,,

I wonder if Kiss is gonna try and out do Satan or will they Be scratching their heads in amazement ,,,Wondering What happened to them ?



Satan Handy has attraed the attention of a lot of Well known musicians ,,,,And Man dose he ever put on a show ,,,,When his Album is finished he is going on tour and has a stage show that its out of this world

Everything he is doing is very Hush Hush ,No one is saying much about what hes working on ,,,But from what I hear Its gonna be Great

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  • 10 years ago
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    More christian ********. You sad sad little person. If you ever successfully manage to convince a metal fan to turn away from their music without torturing them, I'll eat my own **** ;)

  • 10 years ago

    I will admit kiss has been around a long time and have since lost most of their edge,but they still can jam as hard as any band today.I have never heard of this garage band wanna be's called satan handy,and have never heard any material by them,but I will say this,if this handy band had came into the scene at the time when kiss was at their peak they could not even be in the same league as kiss.Lastly,can satan handy say they have had as many hit albums and hit songs not to mention the fame that kiss has had,"I don't think so".Sounds like a garage band blowing a lot of smoke out their @$$ to me.

  • JJ
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    10 years ago

    Never heard of them( satan handy?) but a lot of other bands tried to retire Kiss and failed!

  • 10 years ago

    I liking Kiss many much , and I dont knowing who Satan Handy is ............Katie :-)

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  • ?
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    10 years ago

    the overlap between "kiss fans" and "people who know what the hell you're talking about" is like zero, man...

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