Had sex which I think was rape?

I was pressured into taken drugs but an older man that I trust. I am 22 and hes 38. While on the drugs it felt like I was physically there but I had not control over anything. We ended up having sex which I barely remember I tried to push him away but the cops said since I never said no that if it is taken to court it would be a consent issue. I feel now that after taken the drugs that I was pressured into taken. I feel like I was in no position to consent to anything. Help


I honestly felt pressured into taking the drugs because this man was like a father to me and he said it was supposed to help with my depression.

Update 2:

They did a rape kit, and they have evidence of the drugs with a blood test was done. The police just find it hard because I never said no but I TRIED TO PUSH HIM OFF. Also they have evidence about the bruises on my hard where he put the drugs in. So I was forced to take the drugs.

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    You need to speak to the Police again if you were forced into taking narcotics which rendered you unable to make informed decisions. But if you took drugs of your own free will then its a grey area and maybe difficult to prosecute.

  • Do you actually have any EVIDENCE of these drugs? A blood test perhaps? Without that, and without saying NO, you are suffering from regret, not rape. You're 22, you are expected to control your own body, so unless you can prove that you were physically FORCED to take the drugs, he has no fault.

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    evan under substance abuse. which u were both under. you never said no. its going to be hard to get rape charges on him. and your in trouble as it is for substance abuse. and you did say yes to the drugs.

    id worry about the drugs first. that you might have more power with because he owned the drugs and is basically a dealer. which supplied you with the drugs.

    good luck

  • lol don't try to say you were pressured into drugs, it was your choice. I feel bad for you tho.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it sounds like rape. however it will be difficult to get substantial charges. talk to a lawyer.

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