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Should Israel as a state exist or not?

Please give your mature input, and provide strong points and arguments. This isn't for a homework assignment or anything, I'm just curious to see who knows what is(and was) going on in the middle east.

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    The real question - why does this even become a question?

    Many countries were formed through the same means at that time. Jews were a minority in the greater Middle East, & naturally, like everyone everywhere, were given a bit of land in their region for their own self-rule. None of these other countries' rights to exist are questioned:

    - Pakistan, carved out of India for forced bloody people exchange of Hindus & Muslims.

    - Jordan, never existed before, a gift to the Hasomoate family even though the population is Palestinian Arab, not Hasomite.

    - Lebanon, carved out of Syria & Syria is still mad about it & trying to take it back.

    - Africa, any number of oddly drawn up countries given to various dictators who made a mess & still are.

    - And so on.


    At the time Israel was formed, the Arabs wanted to create a regional Islamic empire. Jews had lived in the area since several 1000s of years before Arabs invaded to conquer with Islam. Thereafter, Jews had lived as dhimmis, 2nd class citizens, under Arab rule. They wanted to have their own self-determination in a region they'd lived in for longer than Islam existed. That is why they were given a tiny sliver for themselves.

    The entire question is premised on the Islamic notion of Muslim rule. There's a walif that whenever Islam rules an area, it must remain so forever more. They'd try to re-conquer Spain, but that's not practical. A few facts bear this out:

    - The Jews were offered a tiny city state around Tel Aviv instead of a whole country. Reluctantly they accepted. It was still too much for the Jews to have self-rule, so the Arabs refused that.

    - The Kurds & Armenians are having the same problems getting self-rule as the Jews. It's not about Jews at all, but about any minority in the Middle East being given a bit of land.

    - The Jews were invited into this barren barely populated backwater of the Ottoman empire to develop it. Once they did THAT is when most of the Arabs moved in. They weren't generational, but were from Syria, Egypt, East Bank (now Jordan), etc.. When Arabs use population numbers to claim it was Arab populated, it's manipulated - they include East Bank which was part of the mandate, but was where almost all the Arabs lived! Arafat himself wasn't from the area (he was Egyptian or Algerian, I forget which.)

    - For a long time Arabs talked about Israel as occupation. The West assumed they meant the terrortories, but they meant it's mere existence. (A quick visit to Arab websites, especially Hizbollah, Hamas & PLO speeches) bears this out. Then as the West caught on, that is was just a word for imperalism goals, they've switched to claiming it was "stolen." That sounds better to western ears, meanwhile the meaning it's misunderstood, that they mean their imperialist goals of owning all of the Middle East were stolen. The rest of it is fluff & incorrect data to create this image, because it sells support their overall goal...getting rid of Israel.

    - When Israel was forming, intitally Arabs were about 50% supportive of her as bringing progress to the region. It was after Arafat's uncle, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem befriended & sided with Hitler in WWII, that the tie of sentiment changed.


    A lot of this can be found in earlier speeches of Arab leaders as they talked about wanting to build a regional empire including Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon & of course Israel.

    So proofs of that include: Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist group trying to take over Egypt, both of which are run in large part from Syria. Syria has been trying to take over Lebanon forever. Jordan signed with Israel in part to protect itself, because Arafat lead a mission to take over Jordan for Palestinians, including attempts to assasinate King Hussien (all part of Black September). He was even offered a dual leadership of Jordan, but turned that down. A lot of the tribal/gang organizations in the terroritories (& there are many more than Hamas & PLO) form & have disputed with each other because their image disagree on what regions this encompasses & how it all should pan out (including relgiously) .

    Also, the Hamas & PLO (not Fatah) charters are very clear about their image of what they see as the problem. Hamas says outright that it's a descecration that Jews have their land. It's a religious perception they are stating. PLO says they are brethren with their fellow Arabs. They don't consider themselves a separate people, but part of this larger mission. So a search for those charters can verify. I was able to find translations of Nasralla for Hizbollah's speeches & it's the same concepts as Hamas through & through (with a lot of posturing towards the rest of Lebanon thrown in.)

    To complicate this - Iran is not Arab. They have been fighting the Arabs since the Sunni Shiite split which was the political re

  • By now, it's a moot point. The other countries around should stop trying to attack a country which was founded by people who are no longer in power, and most of whom are probably not even alive any more, and Israel should stop persecuting the natives that still live within their borders and stealing land away from their neighbours.

    If everyone learned to live and let live, the Middle East would be a helluva nicer place.

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    Israel could exist as Judea because the term jew originates from Judea.

    There were three place names which have mention during the occupation by the Romans in the Middle East.

    The names are Judea, Palestine, and Israel.

    So person asks if people are jews why call themselves Israeli?

    To me it makes sense to call your country Judea if you are a jew.

    Also Judea is in a different location than Israel. Not far off but not in Israel.

    Source(s): Map of Judea. Ancient Rome History.
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    Yes it should..It not only already exists but it has proven itself capable as a peaceful, sovereign nation with it's own thriving economy and has given the world much in the way of scientific, medical, agricultural advancements.

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    From what I remember, Israel was given to the Jews by the British who ignored the Palestinians living there at the time. The British promised the Jews land that was never theirs to give.

    Edit: Here we go; the full history of how the British screwed over everybody:

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    Whether Israel should exist or not is irrelevant. It exists and is part of the world community, and those who don't think Israel should exist had better learn to deal with it.

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    of course they entitled to be there, as it is they are the only democratic country in that part of the world.

    if things really got nasty for them it is quite on the cards that they could become another state of the u.s.a.

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    given that they now have atomic weapons, it is a moot point and the rest of the Middle East knows it. Anti-isreali propaganda is for internal consumption and is not real arab foreign policy.

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    Yes and Iran has a different view though.

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    ever since it was IMPOSED by the west [who wanted to get rid of them] so many wars / destruction / racial discrimination

    Arabs= Muslims & Christians ALIKE will not let it stay

    Jews are welcomed in Palestine, but not zionism

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