Trying to raise DPS in dungeon mobs in WoW?


I'm a deep affliction spec warlock and I am have some issues with DPS ratings in dungeons. I do well when it comes to final bosses in terms of DPS (usally in top 2) as my DOTs are quite powerful, but in trash mobs and sometimes mobs of 2-5 I'm really having trouble with getting my DPS out. Generally I try to instacast corruption on all targets and then rain of fire to mass damage, but so often I find when I get to the mob the insta dpsers like mages or rogues have already killed the mobs, and I'm SOL, which makes my rating look absolutely atrocious.

Yes I have read many guides, but frankly I find them rarely helpful. I would like to stay as aff specced, but I don't want to be a burden on random heroic groups.

Any suggestions/spell choices I could use to even remotely help my DPS rating?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Trash doesn't live long enough for affliction to do it's damage in heroics. About all I ever do on my affliction lock on trash pulls is unstable affliction some of the mobs and then shadow bolt/drain soul/drain mana/drain life until it's dead.


    Woops, meant Seed of Corruption

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    4 years ago

    actuality is , dps for warriors suck earlier a definite point . that's why many human beings spec into prot for dps because of the fact prot< fury & hands . if i've got been you , i might purchase some heirlooms out of your guild as properly as pvp and pve heirlooms you get from distributors with honor and justice factors .

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