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How did the Holocaust begin and what does it have to do with World War 2?

I know I just asked a question about World War 2, but now I'm wondering how did the Holocaust start and how does it tie in with World War 2? Sorry, my assignment needs to be more specific on how the war started (what caused it), some aspects of the war (like the holocaust), and what are some long-term affects of what happened to the war.

Thanks for any help, and to the people who answered my previous question.

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    Hitler was consumed with a maniacal hatred of anything Jewish. It bordered on mental illness. Historians tend to see a Germany-wide anti-Jewish riot in November, 1938 as the beginning of the Holocaust. The murder of a Nazi official was responded to by a week-long orgy of violence against German Jews. Synagogues were burned, homes and Jewish businesses looted, people beaten and sometimes killed. There was so much broken glass on the streets of cities the riot became known as Crystal Night. The Jewish community was required to pay for the damage. Germans could no longer shop in Jewish-owned shops. Jews could not teach or hold public office. Jewish doctors could not care for Gentiles.

    As time went on the prohibitions against German Jews grew steadily worse. It wasn't until January 1942 that the idea of a "Final Solution" to the "Jewish Problem" was discussed openly. There had been many, many Jews killed so far, but now systematic extermination became National Policy. That's when the death camps were opened.

    Hitler was intent on remaking Germany in his image. Both WW2 and the Holocaust were part of that plan. There was no direct connection beyond that - Jews weren't being killed as part of the war effort, although they were used extensively as slave labor in war industries. Instead they were being killed because they were Jewish.

    And you ask about long-term effects from the war? Atomic weapons, the existence of the US and USSR as world Super Powers, the Cold War, Korean War and Vietnam War, the creation of the nation Israel, our space program... all these are direct results of WW2. I sometimes wish Hitler could have seen the ultimate results of his labors. He'd wet his pants!!

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    They did attempt to flow after hitler. even with the incontrovertible fact that hitler has a military in germany. From what i comprehend Japan attacked pearl harbor pondering they concept they have been already in war with usa. even with the incontrovertible fact that the rustic ddn't know that different than the in basic terms top minute. From what my mom recommended me they stated Japan was uninterested in being bullied by using way of the US. They shaped a alliance with Germany and Japan declared conflict. human beings dropped the bomb on japan to end the war. Japan would now not stop battling and the scientistts additionally wanted to ascertain the capabilites of this atomic bomb. those international wars are somewhat confusing because of the incontrovertible fact that different naitons are in touch. try asking your international history instructor or in spite of.

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