Socialization of Children in Canada?

I have recently becoem very interesting in socialism and just topics surrounding socialization in childhood. I am trying to answer the following question and wondering if anyone more expereinced has some insight to give, or resources where I can learn more about this specific issue.

In what ways is the Canadian conception of the child a social construction?

I have been presented with this dilemma by a mentor of mine, would like some input from more experienced and knowlegeable people. Thanks

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    The concept of "child" is socially constructed in every society, not just canada.

    Some questions that might help you write your paper:

    What is a child? When does a child stop being a child? When does a child become an adult? Does this society have a defined middle ground (teen, for example).

    Roles: What are the roles of a child? (don't speak unless spoken to; be adventurous, be happy, don't roam). What are the expected duties of a child? (cleaning? Chores? Go to school? learn? play?) What is the value placed on those duties. is play more important than formal learning? Is formal study more important than religious study?

    Opinions: Are children allowed opinions? If so, on what topics. Are they encouraged to voice their ideas, or should they conform? Is individuality important for children? Or should they all walk in line? Why do we have lunch lines? how important is this social skill?

    Gender roles? Are boys and girls expected to be different? How? does that definition change if you are "not a child" vs. if you "are a child".

    Finally child & family: who makes choices for the child? In canada, can the gov define what you must do with your child? And in what circumstances.

    You don't have to answer all of them, but those are the kinds of questions that might lead you to your own experiences and answers for Canada.

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