If you've been feeding Kirkland long term?

...how are your dog's teeth?

For the first time ever, my dogs are having serious dental issues. I considered it "semi-normal" in the seniors, writing it of to a fluke, but then some of my younger dogs have been getting serious dental issues, now my youngest had to have a dental and FIVE extractions, before her second birthday.

I've considered a lot of possible causes, but I'm really starting to wonder if it's the food. I'm starting to switch them back to Pro Plan, which I've never had problems with.

I switched to the Kirkland because the ingredient list looks better than the PP (including not having corn), for a better price.


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    Dogs need dental care, too! Unfortunately, dental hygiene for dogs is sometimes overlooked. Many people seem to just expect dogs to have bad breath, and few people brush their dogs’ teeth frequently enough. Dental hygiene is just as important to your dog’s overall heath as things like nutrition, proper exercise and routine grooming. Help keep your dog healthy – pay attention to those pearly whites!

    Plaque builds up on the teeth and turns into tartar, or calculus. These areas grow bacteria and eat away at the teeth and gums. Halitosis, periodontal disease, oral pain and tooth loss can occur. However, the bacteria not only cause disease in the mouth – they can also affect other parts of the body, like the heart and kidneys. The most important thing to do is address dental disease as soon as it is detected, no matter how minor.

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    I have one dog that has severe dental issues...Duffie. (And I brush his teeth and he gets dental care.) All of my other dogs have done fine. I did feed Kirkland for awhile but had no issues with it. Duffie's problem with his teeth stems from an earlier issue when he had to be on a lot of antibiotics for an extended period of time. A lot of people do not realize antibiotics (some in particular) will destroy tooth enamel in both people and animals. Since most of us give our dogs pills in a Pill Pocket or some thing of that nature, the antibiotic does have more of a chance to affect the dog's teeth.

    I am not saying that is the cause for your issues, but thought I would throw that in just in case your dogs have been on antibiotics.

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    I believe two of my pups that I sold to a couple are fed kirkland, but I don't think they have had any dental problems. I have not seen them in a while so I can't say for sure. I hope to be able to see them soon, just both of us have been very busy.

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    I fed Kirkland for about 2 years and my dog's teeth never had issues. I even had one senior and her teeth were fine on it. Of course, this was several years ago so it's entirely possible the formula has changed.

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    I just switched my cats to Kirkland's about two months ago. I'll keep an eye on them, cats are at an extremely high risk for carries (cavities).

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    I tried to google around and find you some info.

    So far the only thing people are complaining about in regards to Kirkland is loose stool, vomitting and diarrhea.

    If I find anything regarding teeth, I will let you know.

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