What was the first thing you ever got published in?

And what was the shot? How stoked where you?

I just got a copy of the first indy zine i was published in and it feels great. 10 or so shots from a hardcore show.

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    Haha! My first "thing" published artwork was a drawing and some cover graphics used in our high school literary magazine - over 40 years ago.

    In the "modern era," though, I think it was this one from November 2006:


    It was a "big event" in my adult life and it has led to many opportunities that I would not have realized if I didn't have a camera in my hands.

    I've been published in the local paper and a few other publications about 200 times since that first shot. Many are not on-line, because they are just not worthy, but many are:


    Here's on that made it on-line from our local paper on Wednesday: http://www.nj.com/cumberland/voices/index.ssf/2010...

    There were two today (Friday) that are not on-line and there should be a couple tomorrow (Saturday). Maybe they will be on-line so I can link to them, but here they are on Flickr:



    My sister had the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer on the very day that she graduated from Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts). It was about 6x8 and above the fold showing a gunman standing on top of the county jail in an attempted escape. How cool was THAT!!!

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    Michigan 24/7

    It was part of the America 24/7 contest back in I think 03 or 04. The big book came out around Christmas and the books for each individual states came out in October the following year. I had one large picture that covered 2 pages and I think 6 little thumbnails. When the book actually showed up, I was working midnights. I was sleeping when it was delivered and my wife actually woke me up when she opened up the package and there was a copy of the book and a copy of Elements and $50 off coupon for an Epson printer, which I never used. I probably was asleep for an hour when she woke me up and I got up all giddy and never did go back to bed. I took it to work the next night and showed everyone. I think the part that really made me proudest was that of the 75 or so photographers that got credit for being in the book, I was one of about 30 that wasn't affiliated with a publication or professional studio. It was a very dynamic and exciting feeling, probably the second best day in my photography history.

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    College newspaper. I was primarily a reporter and editor but a few shots did get used in the newspaper, especially once I was editor in chief. I can't remember what shot was published first. Back then photography was a hobby, now it's a serious pursuit. Ahh, I miss the college paper...even if I was dealing with idiots.

  • Fist ones were taken in 1978 and were used by a local newspaper. I was 18. The next one was used by a radio station. It was a shot of one of their DJ's. I was 18 or 19.

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  • Bob
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    1 decade ago

    My first was a sports picture in a local paper (local rugby derby).

    Crap pay but then I was only 14 at the time so didn't care.

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    an annual architectural association report, portraits, and an image of a fence they liked from a job i did that got some awards that year

    that was 2000 - the year

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