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Do you think Republicans are going to show up for the televised health summit or will they punk out?


They have what they want, a televised opportunity to express their ideas,

are they going to actually do their jobs or pu$$y out?

Update 2:

So Art, can I put you under "pu$$y out"?

Update 3:

I think they'll show up, but by working with the president is going to destroy the narrative they have going on.

Update 4:

Seems to be a split, have say they'll be there, half say they'll punk out

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    I think they will show up but it will be to no avail because the Dem`s already have the bill ready to go so what debate would there be. But I hope the Dem`s slide it through this way because it will assure a republican win in November and 2012.

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    Now that we know PresBo intends to keep trying to get his existing ObamaCare bills passed, it's clear this summit is merely political theater designed (PresBo hopes) to wrest political advantage for the Democrats from the current stalemate.

    In my humble opinion, the Republicans should refuse to participate under these conditions. Putting this in chess terms, they can't win the game... the best they can hope for is a stalemate, and that's what they have right now. They should take their existing plan, walk to the televised meeting, hand it to PresBo, and say "read this and get back to us." Then walk out and leave him alone with the cameras.

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    I wonder...why didn't health care pass 8 months ago? Dems had control over both houses...EVERYTHING should have passed that was laid before them? The blame reps on these is a little weak don't you think? Reps could have said NO to everything and it should not have mattered. Looks like a lot of dems were too busy looking for pork belly projects than actually caring about the public.

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    At the same times as this political theatre is going on Nancy Pelosi is telling Politico that she plans on using reconciliation to push this crap bill through.

    How can you be genuine in pushing a bipartisan approach and be pushing for reconciliation behind the scenes.

    Obama is such a weak leader he can't even get Pelosi on board. Aren't they supposed to be in the same party?

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    Obama is desperate and is grasping at any straw he can find now.

    Go in there, present a clearly understandable plan, and win both houses of Congress.

    Obama thinks he has set a trap but unfortunately for him the democratic party is standing over the pitfall.

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    You are wrong robert. The GOP wants bipartisan discussion with the rest of congress and senate, not just hussein obama.The GOP wants the American people to see pelosi and reid in action, The GOP wants hussein obama to keep his word about transparent negotiations regarding all bills. The GOP wants the liberal politicians to drop their socialistic agenda that 75% of Americans dont want. If I was the GOP, I would tell hussein obama screw you.

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    No.They have nothing to gain by going, and would be foolish to do so. LOL, now Barry wants to work with them. Clearly this healthcare business is a losing idea. No one with any sense at all would jump on board at this point.

    Ask Ben Nelson if the buy-off he recieved was worth it.

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    They are damned if they do and damned if they don.t. Liberal media will show only what the Obama administration allows them to anyway, so what's the difference.

    The Republican position is well known to Fox listeners, and conservative radio, but is non existent on liberal media news.

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    lmfao...what part of MARXISM DOESNT WORK is so mystifying here. we dont have what we want. we have a junior senator playing president. we have double digit unemployment. we have a liberal spending spree unparalleled in us history and we have closed door vote buying from the state of nebraska by the pelosi/reid regime. and now you think this is a "debate"??? LMFAO...the only reason this is a debate is because reid lost the sixttieth cloture vote with the death of Kennedy.

    your question;/rant has no answer as it makes no sense.

  • I hope so, then when Obama says, "Well we can't have tort reform just yet" (he is a lawyer after all and is not about to hurt his Business). Well then they can all say, well we tried,; have fun and all that and when we take over the Congress this year we "may" allow you to have a "small" opinion.

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