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How is my Fantasy Mock Baseball team? Where could I improve?

C - Napoli

1B - Loney

2B - Utley

SS - Scutaro

3B - Sandoval, Stewart

OF - Crawford, Bay, Manny Ramirez, Borbon, Pence, Hawpe, Pierre

SP - Burnett, Randy Wells, Hudson, Lilly, Happ, Marcum

RP - Rivera, Nathan, Papelbon, Franklin

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    Remove Burnett and Randy wells from your starting rotation...Manny Ramirez was outplayed by Matt Holliday...You dont need 7 outfeilders, try to gain a few more backup infielders...Joe nathan is good but is inconsistent, try to gain a bit better talent there...Thats all

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    you need more speed and maybe power. Hudson is extremely injury prone and Wells is going to significantly decline from his great 2009 season. predicts Wells to have a 4.19 era. Hudson is fine if healthy. Lilly is predicted to have a 4.11 era.Happ is predicted to have a 4.29 era. You do not know how Marcum will pitch. He will be rusty and the American league is tough. he is only predicted to pitch 128 innings. You have only 2 sub 4 era pitchers. Hudson and Marcum. They are both in the 3.90+ era. You have good hitting. Great relief. Pitching era is okay, not good.

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    where did you do this mock draft espn?

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