guild wars access key nowhere to be found in the game case or on cds?

anyone know how to get an access key,i have no cd roms for the cd and i cant login with my account coz i forgot the name of the character on my account,they just create other strategies to make money,now i have to memorize the char names.i have the game cse and the cds but not the access key somehow.i appreciate if u can direct me to find it?10 points

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  • Maquis
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    1 decade ago
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    The access key should have been in a sealed envelope inside the gamebox. Did you use it set up your account? I can't really help you find it since I have no idea where you put it after using it to create your account. Hopefully you didn't throw it away.

    You need to know 1 character name on your account to login. If you can't remember your character then you'll need to contact support and they can help you sort it out. However it will help alot if you have the access code to prove that you are the account owner.

    Some other options: Do you have any screenshots with your characters in them? Are you in a guild? If so, can you contact your guildmates thru a forum somewhere and they can give you your character name off their roster.

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