How could anyone believe in ant sort of caring, intelligent designer?

Lesch-Nyhan syndrome causes compulsive self-mutilation. Children eat their lips or fingers and stab their faces with sharp objects. They feel the pain, but they can't stop themselves. Why would a loving, all-powerful creator allow anyone to be born with such an awful disease?

Lesch-Nyhan is one of tens of thousands of genetic diseases that afflict humans. At least 1 in 10 people have some kind of debilitating genetic disease, and most of us will become sick as a result of mutations that cause diseases such as cancer.

The reason? Our genome is an unmitigated mess. The replication and repair mechanisms are inadequate, making mutations commonplace. The genome is infested with parasitic DNA that often wreaks havoc. The control mechanisms are prone to error. The huge amount of junk, both between genes and within them, wastes cellular resources. And some crucial bits of DNA are kept in the mitochondria, where they are exposed to mutagenic waste products.

If some entity did meddle with life on Earth, either it didn't know what it was doing or didn't care.

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    It goes beyond that really.

    If DNA was intelligently designed, then it was designed by an OCD dumb@ss!

    Who the hell designs a car, but with 90% of it's weight full of useless wiring, unneeded bodywork, too many seats, 34 wheels and 7 sun roofs, plus incorporations from all the previous car models built by that company?

    You just can't get the staff these days.

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    "Why is it easier to believe the universe is just an accident rather than the work of an intelligent designer?" Because it does not look designed. "The odds of the “primordial ooze” being able to spawn even one life form are beyond imagination" No, they are not. "let alone being responsible for the multitudes of creatures that have inhabited our planet." This is simply nonsense. Only one life form was needed. All others came from that. "Ok let’s say that one complex life form was able to creep out of the ooze, what are the odds of two? How about two with the ability to reproduce and find food for sustenance? The odds are too high for me to fathom!" And this is therefore totally irrelevant. The last statement is entirely understandable since you do not seem capable of fathoming very much. "The “Big Bang” theory is actually not at odds with contemporary Catholic theology." Contemporary. And this just shows that ANY word can be funny, if you put it in the right context. :)) "However, if there was a “Big Bang” there had to be a Big Banger – or intelligent causality! If there were a Big Bang, where did the substance come from that exploded into the cosmos as we know it?" Evidently you have not actually done any research into the issue at all. Otherwise you would know that it was not an explosion, and did not start as a 'substance', according to recent (the last 30 years or so) insights. "Catholic theology explains that God created Ex Nihilo, a Latin phrase meaning "out of nothing." Catholics believe that the Genesis story of creation was written as a means for our ancient forefathers to understand God’s roll in cosmology. " How interesting. And how completely irrelevant. So... where did God come from then? Who created him? What's that? Nobody created God? But if something so complex can exist without a creator, why would the universe - which is actually very simple - need a creator? Your argument is as dead as disco. Deader.

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    Much of the human (or any living thing) body is sub-optimal. Despite claims of creationists that our organs represent perfection, they do not. The human eye is back to front and almost guaranteed to wear out within a lifetime.

    Such 'designs' make perfect sense as the accumulation of adaptation and change from earlier patterns, but no sense at all as a deliberate act of 'intelligent creation'.

    Of course, I bet you get some answers excusing this as imperfection resulting from the fall, or similar nonsense! Theists are such reality dodgers!

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    Some people say the Edsel was a bad car. Poorly designed etc. All of that is a matter of opinion but it doesn't alter the fact that it was designed. We could argue all day about what features we liked or didn't like without completely understanding why those features were chosen or used. This doesn't alter the fact that it was designed. It also doesn't alter the fact that our choices can affect our DNA And there is still no empirical evidence that complex life can self organise despite decades of intense research. None. Edit to Jak. We do not describe God as all merciful. Mercy is shown to those who repent of their sins. If they do not then they will face judgement.

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    For me, it's because of the unbelievable order that came out of the Big Bang. Look at the galaxies, solar systems, even the order here on earth, how everything on earth interacts with each other. Also, because of the tremendous and powerful feeling of love we are capable of having - I can't fathom such a strong feeling of caring existing without a purpose. These are the reasons I went from being agnostic to a non-religious theist.

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    Yeah, you understand this. And I understand it. And most atheists get it. But....despite that fact that it's logically impossible (given human suffering) for an omnipotent entity to love us...theists still brainwash themselves quite well. They're really good at it.

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    the disease is caused by genetics as the child forms in the mothers womb

    god did not create the child that way

    the formation process in the physical womb caused the problem.

    god does not purposely cause these diseases

    its a part of live that god does not interfere with.

    as he lets us make choices to follow or not to follow him.

    we face diseases in this life because they are natural as is the weather and earthquakes and other natural events.

    people have to make up your mind

    either they want god to interfere or they do not they can not have it both ways.

    people blame god if he did interfere and people blame god when he does not interfere

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    I believe you are passionate about your view.

    I also believe that if I either have to rely on my own understandings or God's, it will be his.

    I think the conclusion you have made about your statements, might be flawed and biased towards your own personal experiences on this earth.

    So are mine, and everybody else's.

    If I think God is mean or acting like a bully, it has more to do with my limited understanding than reality.

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    It's further evidence that there IS no being like is described in many religions. However, I have to admit, I'm loving the responses from the theists. Very funny how they defend themselves without being able to actually say anything.

  • God created everything perfect but when sin is injected into the picture pain and suffering will follow.

    So how can a baby sin? It can't, but the effects of sin impacts generations handed down from Adam and Eve.

    You can't blame the car manufacture if you put sugar in the gas tank. And you can't blame God for us choosing sin. He warned us of the consequences but we still choose to.

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