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Notes In Desk??????????

Erm okay. A person in my class keeps on putting notes in my desk saying "Ilove you" "Me Plus you" "We are ment to be together" And the latest one "I need you!" which was today.

Nobody even talks to me in that class, nor flirting or whatever. And the most retarded thing is that i have a Girlfriend.

So how can i tell my secret lover thingy to stop sending me notes if i dont even know she is. She never gave me any clue,hint, or nothing. Help.

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    If she's leaving notes in your desk, why don't you put a note in your desk too? It can say something like, "Thank you for the notes, but I already have a girlfriend, so I would appreciate if you stopped sending me notes."

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    maybe there just a joke, or not even meant to go to u. Maybe someone else sits there!

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