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Evgeni Plushenko is unbeatable?

The only competitor I think who ever matched Evgeni Plushenko as real competition for gold was Alexei Yagudin.

Not saying that he never has been second place, but really now, who currently has the consistency to match Yagudin, as a once demanding rival?

Evgeni Plushenko's having it way too easy these days it seems...

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    Plushenko is all arrogance. Sure, he has presence on the ice due to his corny antics, and yes his jumps are done well. Unfortunately though, his arms flail around like he has lost control of his upper part of his body and his silly poses and footwork are corny as hell. He acts full of himself and actually looks ridiculous. That whole "putting my sword away" thing was comical and embarrassing.

    Yagudin is gone and quite frankly, things are different these days. Johnny Weir may not have the jumps but he sure has the style.

    Source(s): to the above answerer" :Lycacek "just barely"? Did you read the Evans score at all? Hello.
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    Well, he does have that quad, and he can actually put it down cleanly which dims half the field right away. He is very confident in his jumps, but no so artistic in the straight line footwork and spins. The only skaters that can come close to touching him now are Lysacek and Takahashi but just barely.

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