Please, We need help with trivia/listen&win/taylor/Andys for US99/WGAR99.5 and other stations for 02/17/2010?

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  • speedo
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    10 years ago
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    WGAR 99.5 TRIVIA WED. FEB. 17 2010

    5 O'CLOCK​ TRIVIA​ -​ (reb)​ -​ Reba McEntire

    4​ O'CLOCK​ FLASHBACK​ -​ (som)​ -​ Someone​ Else's​ Star​ -​ Bryan​ White​ -​ 1995​

    CITY​ of​ the​ Day​ -​ (ken)​ -​ Kent

    WGAR ARTIST of the Day - (bla) - Blake Shelton

    Mantel's​ Video​ -​ (2)​ -​ 2

    SLEUTH​ -​ "ISLAND" ​ -​ (isl)​

    Cleveland​ Gladiators​ Trivia​ - (9) - 9

    AOL Trivia - (fl) - Flip Flops

    Dice - (io) - Iowa

    Consumer​'s​​ Guide​​ -​​ (fu) - ​​​​Fuel

    ​Yahoo​​ Hot​​ Jobs​​ -​​ ​(lar) - Larry Buhl

    ​Howstuffworks​.com​​ -​ (fa) -​​ Fact

    Are​​ you​​ more​​ Intelligent​​ then​​ a​​ Middle​​ Schooler?​​ -​​ (c) - Delta

    Champions - (b) - 1961

    Country​ Music​ Trivia​ -​ (b) -​ Kenny Chesney

    Country​ Music​ Video​ - YES - Just Pick and Click

    Games​ 'n​ eCards​ Trivia​ -​ (hea​) - Hearts

    ​Pop​​ Goes​​ Trivia​​ -​​ (b)​​ - Timothy Hutton

    ​This​​ Day​​ in​​ History​​ -​​ (c)​ -​ Volkswagen Beetle

    C&P - 92FaFuReBLarIoKenCHeaSomIslFl

  • JC
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    10 years ago

    LONE STAR 92.5 - Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas

    Trivia for 02/17/2010

    Are You More Intelligent than a Middle-S... => c) Delta

    Babes => TRUE

    Champions => b) 1961

    Classic Rock Challenge => c) Jim Morrison

    Classic Video On Demand => No

    Consumer Guide Trivia => Fuel

    Games 'n eCards Trivia => Hearts

    Hot Jobs Trivia => Larry Buhl => Fact

    Pop Goes Trivia => b) Timothy Hutton

    Sleuth Trivia => ISLAND (Nike Xtreme Sport Carry Bag pg5)

    This Day in History => c) Volkswagen Beetle

    AOL Travel Trivia => flip flops

  • 10 years ago

    Good Morning from Medford, WI!

    TRIVIA for 2/17/10:

    Are You More Intelligent: c) Delta

    Champs: b) 1961

    Country Music: b) Kenny Chesney

    Games: hearts

    Hot Jobs: Larry Buhl

    HowStuffWorks: fact

    Music: c) Harry Belefonte

    Music Pop Quiz: a) 2000

    Classic Rock Challenge: c) Jim Morrison

    Classic Video: no

    Pop Goes: b) Timothy Hutton

    Sleuth: island

    History: c) Volkswagen Beetle

    Consumer Guides: fuel

    Dice: Iowa

    AOL: flip flops

    BIG CHEESE 107.9, WBCV, Wausau, WI:

    Midnight Cheese Cut: Roll With the Changes

    Bonus Band: Stevie Nicks

    Cheese Sleeze: exit

    10 am Cheese Cut: The World I Know

    3 pm Cheese Cut: Hey Jealousy

    Quittin’ Time Quiz: Marilyn Monroe

    7 pm Cheese Cut: Dance the Night Away

    WAXX 104.5, Eau Claire, WI:

    6:12: burrito

    7:12: venue

    9:12: sleep

    1:12: seasons

    4:12: park

    Smart Alex: punched a co-worker

    Big 5 Rewind: Ain't Back Yet-Kenny Chesney

    Word on the Street: California

  • 10 years ago

    US 99 FOR TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2010

    Are you more intelligent than a Middle Schooler : B

    Champions : A

    Country Music Trivia : C

    Pop goes Trivia : C

    This Day in History : B

    Hot Jobs Trivia: Clea Badion, Robert Half International

    Consumer Guides Trivia: DBL 398 Trivia : Right

    Artist of the Day: Brad Paisley

    Bid Sauce Trivia: Everything sells for pennies on the dollar!

    Andy's Frozen Custard Code: Fat Tuesday

    Nascar Code: Final lap

    Taylor Swift Code: The Way I Loved You

    GACTV Bonus Codes FOR TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2010:

    News & Notes - Olympic Torch: Run not walk

    News and Notes - Valentine's Cards: b - Jean/Jane

    GACTV Watch and Win FOR TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2010:

    Premiere this Week - Tim McGraw: 02/15/2010

    Premiere this Week - Sarah Buxton: Keith Urban

    Jewel's Stay Here Forever: Heart breaker


    Are you more intelligent than a Middle Schooler : C

    Champions : B

    Country Music Trivia : B

    Pop goes Trivia : B

    This Day in History : C

    Hot Jobs Trivia: Larry Buhl

    Consumer Guides Trivia: Fuel Trivia : Fact

    Music Committee: Sugarland

    Survey for 500: Brad Paisley - Pick the Next Single

    Artist of the Day: Lady Antebellum

    Andy's Frozen Custard Code: Cookie Casanova Sundae

    Nascar Code: Pole Position

    Taylor Swift Code: Wrigley Field

    Newsletter Code for 02.17.2010: MEGA

    AOL Travel Trivia: Flipflops

    Don't forget the 3 Weekly Surveys

    GACTV Bonus Codes FOR WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2010:

    News & Notes - Need You Now: Let it be

    Sleuth Trivia: Island

    Don't forget the 3 Weekly Surveys

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    For 106.1 and US99 other stations

    Are you more intelligent: C) Delta

    Champions: B) 1961

    Consumer Guides Trivia: fuel

    Country Music Trivia: B) Kenny Chesney

    Country Music Video Demand: yes

    Hot Jobs Trivia: Larry

    HowStuffWorks: Fact

    Pop Goes the Trivia: B) Timothy Hutton

    This Day in U.S. History: C) Volkswagon Beetle

    Facebook: Ash Wednesday

    Team: BYU Cougars

    Artist: Luke Bryan

    Driver: Dale Jr.

    For US99

    Nascar: final (2/15) (thanks Cyn)

    Taylor: the way I loved you (2/15)

    music committee: Sugarland

  • Char
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    10 years ago

    Good morning everyone, hope you all have a great day!

    Please remember to give everyone a THUMBS UP!

    I hope the following trivia, songs and words are the ones you need.

    If you want the trivia answer, otherwise, just type ABC

    City Nicknames from Around the World - C

    Country Music Trivia - B

    Classic Rock Challenge - C

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - HEARTS

    Hoaxes and Urban Legends - B Trivia - FACT

    Sleuth Trivia -ISLAND

    Sports Trivia - B

    This Day in Canadian History - A




    7:00 AM - MR. MOM

    Legends Lunch - COWGIRLS DON'T CRY



    7:15am - ACM Flyaway to Vegas Word That ...

    10:15am - ACM Flyaway to Vegas Word That ... POKER

    4:15pm - ACM Flyaway to Vegas Word That ...SUGARLAND

    Q107 SONGS

    7:30 AM - MONEYTALKS

    Legends Lunch - HOTEL CALIFORNIA


    AC -

    7:30am - Lucky 7 Vegas Adventure Word - COIN

    10:30am Lucky 7 Vegas Adventure Word -

    4:30Pm Lucky 7 Vegas Adventure Word - FREEMONT

  • Irene
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    10 years ago

    B95.5 wyjb Albany, NY

    Listen & Win Code Words:

    Early Bird (6:25am) = Basic

    9:25am = Frightening

    Back 2 Work Perk (1pm) = Sarah Mclachlan

    4:25pm = Brother

    Trivia Answers:

    AOL = Flip Flop

    Are you smarter than a Middle Schooler? = C

    Champions = B

    Consumer Guide = Fuel

    Games = Hearts

    Yahoo Hot Jobs = Larry Buhl

    HowStuffWork = Fact

    Music = A

    Pop Goes = B

    Sleuth = Island

    This Day in U.S History = C

  • 10 years ago

    Sacramento, CA radio clubs

    KSEG (Eagle), KUIC, ESPN 1320, The Buzz 106.5

    Eagle 96.9 Listen & Win

    Kat: peanut allergies

    Blue Plate Special: under the covers

    Word Du Jour:

    Alice 97.3 San Francisco

    word of the day: social

    AOL Travel: flip flops

    Consumer Guide Trivia: fuel

    Games 'n eCards: hearts

    Hot Jobs: Larry Buhl fact

    Sleuth: island

    Multiple choice: ABC

    Have a great day!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hey Hey it's Wednesday!!!!!

    Andy's - Cookie Casanova Sundae

    Artist - Lady Antebellum

    Nascar - Final

    Taylor - The Way I Loved You

    Music Committee - Sugarland

    Multi Trivia - ABC

    Consumer Guides - Fuel

    Hot Jobs - Larry Buhl

    HowStuffWorks - Fact

    Games - Hearts

    Sleuth - Island

    Prayers to each and everyone.

    Bless all of friends and family members.

    Thumbs up one and all. Please come back a give a thumbs up to those who have answered after you.

    Joan K

  • 10 years ago

    Wednesday 2/17/10

    98.7 KUPL

    Consumer Guides--Fuel

    Hot Jobs--Larry Buhl

    How Stuff Works--fact


    Country Music--b--Kenny Chesney

    History--c--Volkswagon Beetle


    Pop Goes--b--Timothy Hutton

    AOL Travel--flip flops


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