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Who is currently the best men's figure skater, both in technicality and artistry?



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actually..ignore my edit..artistry does make sense...

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    That's a difficult question because there isn't really anyone that reigns supreme in both these areas. Plushenko is by far the best jumper, but since he can rely on his secure quads he doesn't have to razzle-dazzle us with creative choreography. Lambiel has great footwork and especially spins, but since his quads aren't perfectly foolproof he risks losing points (he'd be much closer to the top if he had nailed his jumps in the sp). In this sense I think Evan Lysacek is a good compromise since all of his skills are pretty well developed, but then again he lacks the thrill of excecuting a quad jump. Now artistically it's more about taste. I really enjoy Johnny Weir's skating since he has such a lovely fluid quality to his movements, but since he's so concerned about looking perfectly graceful all the time his routines often aren't very energetic. Now Lambiel's skating is fun to watch and he can show a great sense of humour in his programs. I think his short program for example was exhilarating despite the technical flaws. Overall, since figure skating *is* first and foremost a sport I think technical merits should be valued above all else in competition. This said since jumps are the most difficult elements in figure skating and Plushenko's technique is far superior to others in this area I pick the Russian. And I think he will take home gold tonight.

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