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Why is Elvis Stojko so mad at American Lysecek(sp?) winning the GOLD in Figure Skating?

Apparently Canadian and former World Champ Elvis Stojko is mad about where figure skating is heading.

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    I really like you, like you think exactly like me. Evan DID NOT need a quad to win he just needed a better and cleaner performance than Plushenko, and thats what he got! Weir deserved to get a better score, Patrick Chan got a better score than Weir which was very suprising.

    Evan deserved the gold over Plushenko because his triple axles were cleaner (Plushenko almost fell on one of his) and evan's dance moves were way better

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    He's another sore-assed loser like Plushenko. Lysicek made the most of the scoring system which Plushenko was also aware of - yet ignored - at his own cost.

    The greater portion of the Canadians understand that they aren't entitled to any level of successes in these Games. Stojko is caught up in that tide of sentiment and like Plushenko, does a disservice to the spirit of the Olympics and his country.

    I get the sense that Plushenko thinks a quadruple is all you need to perform in an otherwise rusty-looking routine in order to win gold.

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    Who cares what a former world champion said. There are tons of them. Most aren't so self centered as to diss the Olympics.I have to think he's thinking about himself when he said this...maybe because he has no grace? I don't actually know. Sorry, but I've paid little attention to him.

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    Stojko wrote this article about thursday's mens skate. Hope this helps:D

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