Making a cd for environmental science.Need songs that relate to the earth, social justice.?

any songs to do with the environment, earth, global warming ect. will be good


anne, thats joni mitchelle and wasnt quite looking for lyrics more like a list of songs

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    Words/Music: Gebre Kedan

    I remember all the world wars

    Vietnam and Korea

    I remember the holocaust

    Panama and Grenada

    I remember also Iraq too

    Yes friends I remember them all

    But every time I remember

    The genocide in Rwanda

    Believe me mih blood does crawl

    I have seen all the Middle East

    The Basque and the IRA

    I have seen the work of the beast

    Leaving his mark everywhere

    I have seen Latin America

    Where all pharaohs just rise and fall

    Believe every time Sister

    I've seen the plight in Rwanda

    Believe me mih blood does crawl

    Just look at Georgia and Chechyna

    Azerbaijan, Armenia

    Afghanistan, Tibet, China

    The Philippines, East Timor

    Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka

    Pakistan, yes and India too

    But each and every time Brother

    I only look at Rwanda

    I just don't know what to do

    I have seen human misery

    All over this bluesome world

    For example in all Bosnia

    Evil to make your hair curl

    I've seen life in the Americas

    Where slavery is alive and well

    Believe me every time Sister

    I've seen killings in Rwanda

    I think I am seeing hell

    I think of Egypt, Algeria

    The Congo and Nigeria

    Sudan, Somali, Angola

    Ethiopia, Azania

    Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya

    Friends I really think of them all

    But every single time Brother

    I only think of Rwanda

    Believe me I want to bawl


  • 5 years ago

    That was an okay assortment of songs. :P No sh*t Mike, you got married on the 30th? Well toot my horn and slap a walrus, my birthday is on the 30th! Congratulations! Unfortunately, I haven't a single song of relation to marriage in my whole iTunes library. I do, however, have a few love songs. :l

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    Oh, what's that one about paving paradise and putting up a parking lot (ooo, bop, bop). Taking all the trees and putting them in a tree museum, charging the people a dollar and half to see them...I think Counting Crows did a cover maybe.

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