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A Question About The Olympic Medals.?

I was wondering. Say for example the Canadian Mens Hockey Team had 32 members on it. If they were to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, and got medals, Would that count as 32 medals on the score board for the Country?

Or would It just count as One?

Please answer :)

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    It counts as one medal.

    By the way. The IOC does not keep a medal tally by nation. There is no official tally of medals won by the IOC. No nation wins the Olympic games. If you see a tally then it is put forth by the news organization that publishes it.

  • It would count as one medal for the country.

    Each player on the team would get a medal,

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    just counts as one.did you hear canada also pays them 20,000$ if they get a GOLD? any canadien competeting in the olympics.

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