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Did I Damage My Brain?

Hey, about 3-4 days ago I was on the computer. My friend went to pick up his pencil and I got scared and smashed my head of the table. I hit my forhead right above my left eye. The day off it hurt a lot and if i stood up id get a head ach. Also randomly it gave me a head ach. For the last couple of days it hasnt hurt as much when you touch it, the only thing thats kind of the same is I still have these random small headachs for around 30 seconds at a time. Not to much and not to painful but its still there. I just want to know if I seriously hurt my head or if its just nothing and will go away in a bit. Thanks.


The thing is its been getting better so i dont know if its that seriouse. More answer please!

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    Ummm it sounds like you miiight have a blood clot. you probably wanna go get it checked. or it might just be the result of banging your head .my advice...just go to the doctor :)

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    If symptoms have lasted that long, I would be going to emerg. myself.

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