What is the reason for panda eyes?

I accidentally banged my head on a bit of scaffolding and the wound is actually about 6 mm long, quite superficial, at the end of my eyebrow towards the temple. Yet I noticed the next day what looks like a bruise had appeared at the outer corner of the nearest eye, giving me a bit of a panda-eyes look. I'm sure that part hadn't been hit (otherwise the skin would have broken), and it is not painful. Just curious why the "bruise" appears there. Does this happen a lot with head injuries in general?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    bruises are medically known as hematomas- its an injury to the tissues underneath the skin breaking the small tiny blood vessels without breaking the skin. Bleeding under the skin causes it to turn black and blue. As the bruise heals the skin color changes from purple to green to yellow. Bruises may be accompanied by pain or swelling. sometime the bruise may move inferiorly as it heals.

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