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How do you choose a unicycle to learn to ride?

I thought it would be a good gag to ride a unicycle instead of a bicycle to work, and say "I'm so poor, I can't afford the two wheels". Except I'm afraid of falling. How high should the unicycle be, if you are just learning?

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    the seat should usually be at your waist. most of the time you fallon your feet, its not that high , im not an expert but go to your local bike shop and see wht they can tell u

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    Go for it - unicycling is a lot of fun. Once you get started you'll want to keep getting better and better.

    Buy the most basic unicycle to start with. A 20" or 24" wheel, with the seat about level with your belly button. There should be room to make it lower or higher, for yourself or when you lend it to friends.

    When you sit on it, with the pedal at the lowest point, your leg should be almost straight (with your ankle making a right angle).

    Go find a nice railing or fence to ride beside, and enjoy!

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    That depends on your height and legs length. And now most unis are adjustable. No need to worry about the how high should it be.

    You may check this

    They got a detail instruction about it.

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    bloody hell, you go to great lengths for a joke don't you! Are you sure it will be that funny?! If you really want to ride a unicycle look at this video.

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