shutter island movie ending question (spoilers)!?

okay I just saw the movie.. and am so confused about the ending! i've read a lot of different interpretations on the ending, and here's the one that i think is true... but there's a part of it that doesn't really make sense to me.

i think that teddy really was a patient and the whole "roleplay" thing was true. and when him and chuck were sitting on the steps at the end of the movie, teddy says "would you rather die as a good man or live as a monster?" i think he is trying to say that he would rather have the lobotomy then live knowing what he did to his wife and kids. BUT. when he gets up to leave.. chuck calls out "teddy!" to him. but wasn't his real name supposed to be Andrew? I don't get how this would fit into this interpretation of the ending, with all the doctors (including chuck being his psychiatrist) already revealing to him the truth, wouldn't chuck yell out "andrew!"??... anyone got any answers?!

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    Here is my interpretation: Teddy is sane on the steps, fakes the relapse, and would rather be lobotomized than live with what happened to his wife and kids. Chuck yells "Teddy". He doesn't turn around. His name is Andrew.

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    shutter island movie ending question (spoilers)!?

    okay I just saw the movie.. and am so confused about the ending! i've read a lot of different interpretations on the ending, and here's the one that i think is true... but there's a part of it that doesn't really make sense to me.

    i think that teddy really was a patient and the...

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    Yes, Teddy is his assumed "role play" name, while Andrew is his real name.

    I agree with the interpretation that Teddy/Andrew is intentionally choosing the lobotomy rather than living with what had happened to his wife and kids. Chuck yelled out "Teddy" because Teddy/Andrew had made the comments that made it appear he was relapsed (and thus believed he was Teddy not Andrew). I think the fact Teddy/Andrew didn't turn around or acknowledge the shouts of Teddy help prove that he was indeed still aware of the fact that he was Andrew (since you don't turn when a different name is being shouted out).

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    I read the book and I saw the movie, and it does F*** with your head. In the book which is naturally going to be more descriptive than the movie there are several fact that contradict with each other.What I mean is that (in the book) it is referenced that Teddy had arrived in September 1954, yet later on in the book and as well as the movie they reference that he was committed Spring 1952, the year in which he murdered his mother. Keep in mind which was also mentioned in the movie that the majority of the funding came from the US Government in particular Intelligence Agencies like the CIA, OSS and M15. The backdrop of the story is that of the Cold war, and the actual purpose of the island was too experiment to create ghost soldiers, men with no remorse, men who were completely brutal without the notion of being it at all. And take a step back from the story in a compartmentalized view and look at it in the big picture. Teddy Daniels is an experienced warrior, as for those who saw the movie it was obvious DiCaprio's character was deadly. In the book he was described even more menacing. Being part of an elite Army unit during WW2, his specialty was in fact hand to hand combat and knife fighting (in Italy he had Assassinated two men with his bare hands), his training would only continue in strides upon his introduction the US Marshalls office. Now, Ashecliffe hospital had been testing on Criminals all along, and the whole purpose was too test "Ghost Soldiers" as I said before, or in my gut feeling the mental and psychological effects of a Soldier if he were to be caught behind enemy lines. Further more , I think Dr. Cawley, Ben Kingsley, had created an elaborate plan indeed. He attempted to see the long term effects of what could happen to a captured GI which I believe was his job which is why he was funded so greatly. And yet another fact that supports this ending was again look in the big picture, the Author Denis Lehane preaches to look at the story in the big picture. Cawley controlled everything, everything. He could have very well had Elias Koteas, George Noyce beat severely. And if you could remember, Teddy recalls on his meetings with George Noyce in a different prison. And the last absolute piece of evidence to my theory is this, Teddy had in fact been drugged the whole time. The side effects of these drugs were the horrific hallucinations that kept re occurring. It was only until the brain was so drugged that the mind would create elaborate dreams that resembled movie sequences (excuse the pun). In short the whole method behind Cawley's twisted game was to see the effects of a POW camp on a GI, and in our case to see if we could use these methods on a Soviet POW. People like Dr. Nihring I don't think they are "Old school" but I believe they are simply in different departments. Like I said mental effects of a captured Soldier was Cawley's specialty, and Nihring's position was most likely the "Ghost Soldier" Sh*t. And think of Teddy of their Grand Guinea pig, the perfect test subject. In essence a Commando, with a horrible background. Someone they could test on extensively and in some cases successfully. Which in this case works, Cawley won, Nihring won, and to a certain extent Teddy won. He would be Trans orbitally lobotomized, yes, but he would simply become in fact a "Ghost Soldier". But the true reason that he had chosen to be lobotomized was to kill the supposed "Andrew Laeddis" to kill the horrors he had endured. Think in the big picture, the Federal Government had F***ed Teddy over, their perfect experiment. The first of many to come.

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    Throughout the whole movie people said one thing that stuck with me...If you say somebody is crazy then people assume its true, there's no disproving it. I think that's what the writer was trying to say even though most of the audience feels like teddy wasn't crazy they still think he is because of the explanaition given. I think the writer tried to use is main point in the movie on the audience and it worked

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    how bout this, they both were really marshalls and he only could crack Chuck, and he cracks Chuck earlier which is why Chuck helps him out in trying to crack Teddy, because how could Teddy be going to get his labotomy in the lighthouse if there was nothing in the lighthouse, because we see Teddy go into the Lighthouse and nothing is there, the story is left for us to decide. They actually changed a very mysterious detail in the movie that they did not in the book, in the movie they tell us that the Dr. he saw in the cave wasn't real and that it was a relapse, but in the book they never tell us that she wasnt real

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    This is my opinion on the ending. At the end I think he was mostly cured. He knows what has happen with his family. But when he says, "Which would be worse - to live as a monster? Or to die as a good man?" I am thinking he dont want to live as a monster know what he did, he rather lobotomized and die later on thinking he was a good man. So he went back to playing the detective to be lobotomized so he woundnt have to deal with what happen to his family. (came back to edit, had closed the web browser when editing earlier.)

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    Just seen it a few minutes ago. It really ***** with your head doesn't it? I love your theory and it kinda help me out a bit. I guess what he was trying to say to his psychiatrist is that he would rather keep pretending and stay in his made up world than keep living knowing that it's his fault his wife and kids died, so he gladly left with the people that were gonna kill him cause at that moment in his head he was a good man a "marshal" trying to solve a mystery. So his psychiatrist called out his fake name but he didn't react to it because he is sane he knows what's going on but he'd rather die a good man so he kept pretending to be insane. My theory hahaha idk sorry if what i just said didn't make sense i was gonna try and fix it but i'm lazy

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    Listen I read the book! And more specifically I just saw the movie so here it goes...

    It's obvious people. Let's start from the beginning, who's in the movie?

    Ben Kingsley, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Mark Ruffalo. Three guys? Huh strange- see where I'm going?

    "Boss" this is what Mark. R calls Leo the whole movie, i.e. he's is my boss in the bedroom. Or in lament terms we're doing each other.

    More so, we've the got the main dude, Kingsley, i.e. the King.

    This king intentionally is causing Leo to have relapses.

    Relapses of what you ask?

    Well I'm asking the same thing and I'm gonna give it you.

    Were talking straight up Bald headed, goatee sporting homosexuality!

    If you don't understand it yet, think of it this way in a nut shell.

    Ben Kingsley dragged Leo out to this Island, one in which he has no means of leaving, all in lieu of fulfilling his Kingsley desires.

    That's it, I'm sorry if it's not the movie you'd expect it to be, but in the end Leo realizes it's not right in the eyes of the ghost of his wife, so he decides to go with the lobotomy.

    And as a side note, Rufallo was jealous the whole time.

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    "Teddy" is U.S. Deputy Marshall Teddy Daniels NOT Andrew Laeddis.Four reasons: (1)"Teddy is apparently not only fluent in German but he can recognize native speakers of German even when they address him in English (Max von Sydow). This type of specialized knowledge is consistent with "Teddy's" recollections of his World War II service; (2) "Tedd" expresses moral reservations about killing the SS guards at Dachau; totally alien to what we know of Laeddis' character; (3) "Dr. Rachel" talks to "Teddy" about Soviet mind control experiments on prisoners in the Gulag. This was NOT public knowledge in the early 1950s; "Teddy "therefore could not have imagined this conversation. "Dr Rachel " is real. (4) "Teddy" rejects the "military looking" wardens version of life and posits the existence of a humane and possibly forgiving God. Totally alien to Laeddis'

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      (1) well the doctor said that andrew was a US marshall so there is no problem when he understands german
      (2) same explanation as no1
      (3) he may have already knew these things before killing his wife
      (4) why would that be alien to laeddis?

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