Court, im scared! Please help me.?

I am underage have all As' play sports go to church every sunday never get in trouble, But i stole, Shoplifted [60$]. Got cought going to court this is my first effense I did not have the intent of comenting this crime my "friend" pressured me to. I live in Alabama, Going to court, and underage. I'm scared I do not hnow what is going to happen please help me. What are some questions i will be asked? Will my school know? What is my ponishment?

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    1 decade ago
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    Oooh, that was a bad decision! I think I would dump that "friend". But any-who, here are some helpful trial tips:

    > Only speak when spoken to.

    > Maintain a low-profile attitude (No weird or egotistical mannerisms or behavior)

    > Boast the fact that you are a good kid and that you are ashamed that you ever did such a thing.

    > Apologize to the court.

    Now I have never been in your situation before (and never will be), but I think that you won't go to jail. You will probably have to do a good bit of community service though. (And if you do go to jail, it will be for a very short time, no need to worry about going to prison or anything) Your family may also have to pay a fine.

    I hope you have learned a valuable lesson from all this...

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  • ludden
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    3 years ago

    properly, you have been attempting to electrify older babies. You had to look like a grown up. So be a grown up. Take accountability to your movements. settle for the implications of an incredibly stupid selection. there is not any reset button. All you're able to do is pass forward. you could the two do it maturely or immaturely. Immaturity can't bypass over properly with the choose. And be happy it did no longer injury everyone (a minimum of i'm presuming out of your description), in the different case you would be observing many greater felonies. in the event that they order counseling, be happy you're getting that incredibly of a worse punishment. and seem at that only according to probability you like it. Counseling isn't the worst ingredient in the international. and stop putting out with babies who think of explosives make a individual cool. heavily, that may no longer a friendship that is going to end properly.

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  • HD
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    1 decade ago

    don't blame someone else for your stupidity, you're in big trouble and should be worried.

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