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What is the Ice dance score out of?

Its for the olympics just wondering i though it was out of a hundred but im not sure its just cuz im watching it right now and im kinda confused

Thx in advance

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    Well, it is very complicated and this is what I can tell you. There is a grade of execution that is given by the judges. The grade of Execution (GOE) is multiplied times the base score for each trick (pre-determined). <-This is why Plushenko lost. He did a difficult trick but his grade of execution was low, so he actually lost points.

    These scores are then added up and give the score of that events. There are three different skate events that make up the ice dancing competition.

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    Ice Dance

    Ice dance is performed by a couple and is based on their rhythm, interpretation of music and precise steps. Unlike pairs skating, ice dance does not include overhead lifts and jumps. Ice dance is similar to ballroom dancing, as the skaters remain in contact throughout most of the program.

    An ice dance competition is made up of three parts: one compulsory dance, an original dance and a free dance. Compulsory dance is the skating of prescribed patterns to music incorporating pre-determined rhythm and tempo. Original dance and free dance are created by each couple to music of their own choice. There are also required elements such as dance lifts, spins, synchronized twizzles (a multi-rotational one-foot turn) and step sequences that must be included in the composition of these programs.

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