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i think im a mega virgin...?

ok, i just left this forum where it was mostly guys & they where making a bfd to each other about girls who claim to be 'virgins' but still agree to do anal, bj's, hj's & whatever else there is to do as long as it isn't vaginal penetration. it seemed like they really felt those girls shouldn't call themselves virgins because they do everything else but i think they were trying to argue that they feel there's a difference between being a virgin & being pure whereas if your a virgin, you simply haven't had vaginal penetration & if your pure you haven't done absolutly anything. (don't know if that includes kissing or touching above the waist.) do any of you think theres a difference between being a virgin & being pure? & if so is it really that big a deal ? cause they seemed pretty annoyed but then again it was at a bodybuilders website so i think it's possible they could have been a little roidsy. or do most guys really feel this way about girls who call themselves virgins but will let you almost anything else ? do you have any

more or less respect for vigins or the pure ?

im 22, haven't did absolutely anything. never even touched one before. i feel close to god with my mega virginity. ;)

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    I think that being a virgin has less to do with being true to God and more to do with being true to yourself, especially when you don't capitalize God.

    I would value a woman's anal virginity most, but that's because it's my favorite. ;)

    My personal stance on virginity was that I would not kiss before dedicating my life to someone, and consequently I would have no higher absolute standard for others, just the same one that I use for myself.

    It's such a grey area though that I really don't bring it up. I mean, someone could just live in isolation, be really shy, or just be mean, fat, ugly, or something else and simply be unable to get laid. That really shouldn't make them swell with pride, you know? So, it goes many ways. It doesn't help that most people lie about it anyway.

    Source(s): My wife was one of the liars.
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