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My turtle won't come out of his shell!! HELP?

He wouldnt eat his food so I threatened him to eat it or i would hurt him. he decided to still not eat it so i kinda chucked him at my wall. he wont come out of his shell now?

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    Wow, aren't you an idiot?

    He will eat when he gets hungry. Maybe he'll even gnaw off your fingers for food. That would be nice.

    You should be reported for your very immature and cruel actions. Look at it this way: Would YOU come out of your shell if someone threw YOU at a wall? You may have seriously injured or killed the turtle.

    You're probably some snotty nosed little 10 year old whose parents should NEVER have gotten a pet. They should be shot for letting you have an animal, and you ought to be shot for being an asshat.

    Source(s): Common sense.
  • 10 years ago

    That's animal abuse. How would like it if your turtle chucked you at the wall?

  • 10 years ago


    you killed him

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