old 90s Canadian Lois and Clark and telegraph commercial.?

i dont know why it just came to me. But when i was in canada growing up in the early 90s they had these commercials of sorts. I remember one being of a guy and he's tapping away using mores code to warn that an emergency was going to arise. I think that it was too late and something blew up, can't really remember.

Then there's one with a guy and a girl, and he's walking her to the train station. And she gets on the train and it leaves and i think someone forgot something. I always thought those two were suppose to represent Lois and Clark.

There were a lot of these commercials(i think that's what they were) but I was a little kid so my memory of this is really really sketchy. Anyone know what im talking about and can point me in the right direction?

One had to do with Alexander Graham Bell i think, or Thomas Edison...err my memory sucks.

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    You do realise Lewis and Clark were both men, right? "Lois and Clark" was a TV show from the 90s based on Superman and has nothing to do with - well - anything.

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