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Why was Maurice Richard so respected?

Appart for the fact that he made records and was very influencial???

Thank you so much! This would help me so much oh my God you have NO idea :(

please please answer!



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    Maurice Richard played in a time in which the French-Candians were not well respected in Quebec. He played through so much adversity and became a star in the game. This gave French Canadians something to be proud of. Also it made the english speaking canadians start to give more respect to the French Canadians.

    He was also very clutch and scored when needed to. He was known to coaches as one of the hardest working players. He was always the last to leave the ice.

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    First player to score 50 goals in 50 games, later to be equalled by Mike Bossy and eventually crushed by Gretzky who did it in 39 games

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    He was the Wayne Gretzky of his day.

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    He was a major 'clutch' player. He defines clutch.

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