Boolean expressions, completely confused.?

1. Using the symbolic representations for NOT, AND, and OR gates construct

logic gate circuits for the following Boolean expressions.

a. (~P V ~Q) Λ (P V ~Q)

b. ( (P Λ ~Q) Λ ( ~R V S) ) V T

2. Prepare a complete Truth Table for the following expression. Fill in all

the values using T (True) or F (False).

(~P V ~Q) Λ (P V ~Q)

I also have to write a boolean expression for a logic gate circuit. This was all done in the intro lesson for the scripting lesson of my IT course, i missed the lesson due to illness and haven't been able to get ahold of class notes. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a good resource to learn about boolean expressions, don't need in-depth knowledge on the matter, just enough to do the above questions. Thanks very much in advance, any help greatly appreciated.

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    The truth table part is easy.

    I'll break it down for you. Once you see what's going on, you can make the table smaller.

    First, as an example, a simple truth table:

    P | Q | P ^ Q |


    T | T | ... |

    T | F | ... |

    F | T | ... |

    F | F | ... |

    So, fill in the ... with either T or F for P /\ Q

    Now, for the problem at hand, you could present the truth table like this:

    P | Q | ~P | ~Q | ~ P V ~ Q | ~Q | P V ~Q | and finally (~P V ~Q ) /\ (P V ~Q)


    T T

    T F

    F T

    F F

    You get the idea ...

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