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J. asked in SportsOlympics · 10 years ago

Should a country who is at war be allowed to put their name in to HOST the Olympics?

Sorry, I wasn't clear that I meant hosting not just participating last time I asked.


Kung Fu, I'm not referring to any country in particular. It's a general question of whether or not the IOC should just refuse to even accept bids from countries at war.

Update 2:

Edinburg - No, not every developed country is at war. Peacekeeping missions are not war.

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    Of course they can submit a bid to host the Games, the IOC committee is free to vote for or against any country for any reason.

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    The Olympics are above war, that is the point of them.

    Yes, they can put their name in to bid, why not? Often wars are often not classified as such by everyone. Nazi Germany hosted the 1936 Summer games while actively persecuting and killing thousands yet was not nominally at war, and the Soviet USSR hosted the summer 1980 games while invading Afghanistan (which is why the US boycotted). England, a very developed country, has been involved in many skirmishes that it never classified as wars, but the opposing sides did. Great Britain first hosted the Olympics in 1908 while the British Empire was still in effect and they were doing terrible things (rarely classified as war) to India, Africa, China, Ireland etc... There are many examples.

    And yes, wars are usually going on between developed nations. Peace is more unusual than war for the world.

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    Back in the day-- Ancient Greece-- wars were put on hold for the sake of the Olympics. This allowed long-distance runners to race in safety. If that country is able to provide for the safety of all involved why not? If they're facing the stress of war they probably need the emotional lift provided by the Olympics.

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    The problem is that most of the developed world is at war in some shape or form!

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    chicago lost the bid so im not clear on what country your referring to.rio has it in the summer.by the time they bid on the olympics and when the olympics start no one can predict who will be doing what.

    who are you referring to?

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    question is moot for the undeniable fact that it is been occurring for awhile,plus the video games make money off the u . s . human beings observing it.could be non existent if human beings didnt watch it.

  • mbl
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    10 years ago

    Can you attempt to make an argument for why this should be the case? That idea doesn't make sense to me.

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    America did it.

  • 10 years ago

    why not?

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