My friend is backstabbing me, what should I do? Easy 10 points, please help!?

Today I was walking home with some of my classmates and this one guy named Vincent got pissed at me because I threw snow at him and it landed in his mouth but thats a different story. He blurted out a bunch of stuff including one of my besties Bryanna and another dude from my class. He said the 3 of them made a group against me called FFC. I was soo pissed so as soon as I got home I called bryanna and told her I knew about her little group. She was obviously surprised I knew and she said she knew it was wrong. I think she was doing it just to get attention from the boys. She has talked to me about other people, backstabbing some of our closest friends but when we're not fighting, she really awesome. Recently, She kept getting pissed at me or one of my other friends but mostly me but she blamed it on her period so I let it go. I know the group was a long time ago but still it really hurts. And after I hung up on her she didn't call back which is werid cause whenever we have a fight she calls back. I'm so confused and sorry for the long confusing story, Please I need advice ASAP. 10 points?

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    10 years ago
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    OK first of all, you need to change your way of thinking about this hiefer! She isn't "awesome" when she's acting right. If she was in any way "awesome" then she would NEVER do this to you. Friends are not supposed to do these things to you EVER! It's not just something that goes along with friendship. It's not supposed to happen, and if it does happen, then she isn't your friend, and that is the bottom line here. You deserve better than that! Oh, and Vincent sounds like a bit of a douche bag too...overreact much?

    Anyway, as for what you should do, I think that you should assume that she doesn't exist anymore. Just drop her. You don't have to do a "breakup" speech or anything like that, just don't call her or make an effort with her anymore. If she asks if you're mad at her, just tell her that you're done being friends with someone who only wants to backstab you, and if you're so important to her then she'd better start proving it to you...otherwise, get lost and stay lost. It may seem harsh, but good grief, look at what she did to you! Just because it was a long time ago doesn't make any still happened, and as you said, it still hurts. She owes you a great big apology and a nice long period of butt-kissing, if you ask me.

    Seriously, find better friends who won't do you this way!

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    Bryanna is not your friend. End of story. She never was, especially if she pulled crap like that. Get a new bestie, cause she is NOT it. Other than that, I would just let it go. She is just a b*tch. Sorry you got hurt by somebody you thought was your friend, but it happens to everybody. Know that you aren't alone, and that she is a sucky person. Aside from that, go make new friends.

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    I have a friend who is like that, and honestly I don't feel that close to her anymore after we suddenly had a huge fight for what seemed like the millionth time. You'll learn that you form new friendships each year, gain some and lose some. I would call her and tell her that your not going to take all this bs from her and that a real friend wouldn't put you through this. And if she doesn't like that, ignore her.

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    10 years ago

    I had the same kind of thing, but not as bad as that. I think that you should talk to her about it and that it still bugs you. Tell her that she's really great when you aren't fighting but sometimes she can get kind of frustrating and your not very happy with how she acts sometimes.

    Maybe, you should try to not be as close with her. I mean, keep her as an acquaintance but not as a best friend or very good friend.

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    3 years ago

    in case you particularly want a backstabber to provide up, in simple terms take no activity in what she's asserting approximately you. In my journey while human beings attempt to backstab and human beings initiate asserting all the **** this individual is asserting in simple terms say "Oh she stated that... stable for her" if she sees that it particularly is not any longer bugging you it is going to **** her off. And if she ever... EVER talks to you in simple terms forget approximately approximately her. Bullies and backstabbers hate no longer something extra desirable than no longer being waiting to get human beings's interest.

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    This is what you say to the guys:

    "Well, wait until you hear what she said about YOU"

    Then just accept that your friend is a troubled girl who unfortunately cares more about acceptance and attention from boys than she does about being a good friend.

    Girls like this are not be trusted!

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    Confront her about it. Tell her that you don't like her acting the way she's acting. I doubt it's just her period. And if she doesn't like you speaking your mind about it let it go and basically let her go

  • 10 years ago

    Tell the group all the things she said about them.

    Then ignore her until she says something to you.

    Works for mee..

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    10 years ago

    these seem like horrible people to be friends with. how could you trust your so-called "best friend" if she consciously did things to hurt you?

  • 10 years ago

    Don't talk to her or the other plp until she apologizes...

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