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If Toronto were to host the Summer Olympics?

What new buildings would we have to build, and where can we possibly build them?

e.g : building a new stadium, and where to build the athletes village?


Would we have to improve some of the things we currently have?

e.g : expanding the ACC/Roger's centre's max capacity, and expanding roads so that more cars would fit? Which Roads?

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    The current vacant or underused land in the Toronto Port Lands area is due for redevelopment. Also, current venues such as the ACC can be used. The Rogers Centre would probably see some kind of redevelopment as well, as the building is outdated. Smaller venues would be located throughout the GTA. The IOC promotes a compact olympics, so developing re-purposable real estate and affordable housing for the TCHC on the Port Lands is both beneficial to the city in the long term and to the athletes.

    Expanding roads doesn't actually solve congestion - it generally makes it worse. With the olympics, the IOC likes to see effective and efficient rapid transit. As such, rapid transit from the airport to downtown is a priority as well as LRT (light rail transit) to and from venues.

    Source(s): Planning major.
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    It would be a massive undertaking - and a very expensive undertaking. The summer games are much bigger than the winter games - and the winter games are costing Vancouver a bundle! Wait till all the bills come in =(

    One of the big things has been security - there is a massive police presence in the city - and in the name of security, major roadways have been closed (Georgia Viaduct and the Dunsmuir Viaduct) and it has been very, very disruptive. People have been encouraged to use public transit and that required beefing up. Toronto has a good public transit system in place, but would likely have to improve it as well.

    Where to build the athlete's village? You don't actually have to do that. University dorms have been used in the past. Vancouver built the athlete's village as a money making venture - they are selling off the condos after the games, and hoping that the real estate market doesn't go into a downturn until they get them all sold off.

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    The Olympic village could be built in the Portlands or West Don Lands. I'd check out the 2008 summer bid by Toronto to get an idea of their proposals.

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    We would have to expand out north and possibly use some buildings in teh surrounding GTA. We also need a betetr public transit system

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    it would prolly host the winter games

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