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Are the judges in Olympic figure skating from various countries, or all they all from Canada?

I ask this question because I keep reading articles about how the Russian press is slamming Canada for rewarding the gold medal to an American and not a Russian (obviously they felt the Russian skated better).

I always thought competitions in the Olympics that required judging had judges from more than one nation. If this is true, then why is Russia criticizing Canada like this?


So they are all from varied countries. Can anyone explain why the Russians or so angry with specifically Canada? Did the Canadian judge screw them over?

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    The judges come from various countries, usually one judge from each major country like China, Japan, Canada, Russia, France, USA, Italy, UK, etc.

    Some of the Russians, and Plushenko himself (the Russian skater) believed that the American, Evan Lysacek, didn't deserve gold because he didn't do a quad. Despite those complaints, a quad is not necessary to win Olympic gold in figure skating. The judges take into consideration the entire program. It's also possible that some Russians are still bitter about the controversy that happened between the Russian and Canadian skaters at Salt Lake 2002, an event that ended up being quite an embarrassment to Russia.

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    They are from multiple nations.

    If you are watching a figure skating program, watch when they show an athlete's scores. Across the bottom, they will show scores each judge (by country) has given that particular athlete. At least on the network that I am watching figure skating on they do show them.

    There is an explanation of how the judging works on this website:


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    No, they have judges from different countries. Maybe they felt the Canadian judge was unfair, I'm not too sure....but there is always discrepancies in judged events.

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  • 1 decade ago

    From various countries. They are all rookies anyway.

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