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If ignorance is bliss, why become more informed?

I would really like some insightful answers as to why we should strive to become less ignorant. Sometimes I feel the more I know about various things, and especially life the more fearful and cautious I become. If you can be completely happy being ignorant, why fight it? You're not missing anything to your knowledge. There are many people who lead perfectly happy lives in their bubble. Any thoughts?

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    1 decade ago
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    People say that ignorance is bliss because sometimes, it's easier not to face the truth about something in their lives. For example, sometimes it's less damaging to our psyches if we don't know that someone we care about is talking about us behind our backs. It is better to be informed. Let's use this scenario that I just mentioned as an example. We would rather know that our so called friends are talking about us so that we know who our real friends are. It's better to know that so we know whether or no these people intend on causing us any harm, right? Being informed helps you live your life safely. Caution is always a good thing. You need to be aware of your surroundings (that would include the people around you) so you can keep yourself safe and alive.You could be happy not knowing certain things, but sometimes, there are things that you need to know. Hope that helped!

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    That just means that some people are happy only because they don't know that they are bad off! Knowledge can be very blissful & empowering, too.

    But it's also been said that "the truth will set you free" but first it will **** you off!

    Get the knowledge that you think you need to lead the kind of life you want to have. Ignorance is not a panacea - neither is knowledge. Get knowledge that you can apply in enjoying life.

    Source(s): BA Psych
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    Bliss is boring and only lasts until someone less ignorant realizes what a sap you are and takes advantage of you.

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    Geez, I just flashed on the Eloi from "The Time Machine".

    You can be happy for awhile, but you won't be content. You'll get bored. Humans need a challenge now and again; keeps them on their toes. If you stay ignorant, you'll begin to expect everything to be done for you, won't you? And you'd probably expect honesty. And you know not everyone is honest.

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    Its all about personal preference. I prefer information acquisition, and wisdom that leads to bliss of ignorance that does. It doesn't take much to be ignorant.

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    1 decade ago

    wisdom is more bliss

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