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Please help me match the fourteen words with there definitions below?


2.Binary Compound




6.Chemical Equation




10.Single Displacement Reaction

11.Double Displacement Reaction




A. Contains only two elements

B. Two or more substances combine to form a single product

C. A substance rapidly combines with oxyegen to form one or more oxides and releases energy

D. Subtances located at the right of the arrow in a chemical equation

E. two atoms per molecule

F. subtances located at the left of the arrow in a chemical equation

G. the number of bonds which an element can form

H. a compound breaks down into two or more simpler substances

I. indicates the number of molecules

J. description of a chemical reaction

K. one element takes the place of another in a compund

L. positive and negative portions of two ionic compounds interchange

M. a substance with constnat composistion that can be broken down into elements by chenical processes

N. the tendedncy of an atom in a molecule to attract shared electrons to itself

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    1 G

    2 A

    3 N

    4 B

    5 E

    6 J

    7 F

    8 D

    9 I

    10 K

    11 L

    12 C

    13 H

    14 M

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    1-G, 3-N, 4-B, 5-E, 6- J, 7-F, 8-D, 9-, 10-K, 11-, 12-C, 13-H, 14-

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