Zenair CH801. Construction costs?

Could one of these aircraft be constructed in a two car garage?

And what might be the cost to build one with a basic VFR panel?






----- I have no intentions to buld one of these aircraft. I don't even have a pilot's license.




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    To answer question 1) how big is the garage? The wing span is 27 feet the aircraft is 25 foot long most 2 car garages are around 24x24. Might be a bit snug.

    The cost of the kit is 25K - 35K US per Zenithair.


    Add an engine (depending on what you use) around 15K and basic panel, you could possibly get out for 60K? There is a wiki page on them that says 40-80K so that is probably a close number.


    Visit the web site at Zenith Air you can send them questions they will indeed answer.

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    The quick build kit is around $40,000 . Not included in the airframe kit: power plant, instruments package, upholstery and paint.

    add $10-20,000 for power plant, ~ $10,000 for instruments, $10-15,000 for upholstery and paint.

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