amount of morphemes in the word inexpensive?

morpheme: the smallest meaningful unit.

how many morphemes are in the word inexpensive

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm not sure either whether it's three or four morphemes. I'm leaning towards three, although I'm not confident about it.


    "in-" (negates the following morphme)

    "expense" (can't really break this into ex + pense/pend in English meaningfully)

    "-ive" (creates an adjective with the preceding morpheme)

    According to that, "expense" came from the "expensus" in Latin. I think it entered English as one morpheme, so we should treat it as such.

    Source(s): morphology review
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  • Tanya
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    1 decade ago

    4? depends on how you deal with the roots in "expense".

    (in) not

    (expense) 1 or 2

    (ive) makes noun into adj.

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