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There were many highlights at the olympic games and what are moments that stand out for you?

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    Joannie Rochette's short program just two days after her mother passed, Jon Montgomery's Gold Medal celebration through the streets of Whistler, Canada getting Gold-Silver in women's bobsleigh, Shaun White's ridiculous second run, the Spanish ski-cross racer who crossed the finish line without her skis and then pretended she slid the whole way down the course on her belly, the women's gold medal hockey game, the Slovak cross-country skier who fell & broke her ribs then won bronze just an hour later, Simon Amman's ski jumps, Maelle Ricker's giggle, Melissa Hollingsworth's heartbreaking interview after the gold slipped from her fingers, Evgeni Plushenko's trash talk, Evan Lycasek's responding to Plushenko by winning gold, Moir & Virtue's gold, partying on the streets of Vancouver with 200,000 other people...and many, many more.

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  • cradic
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    My Olympic activity Moments are 1996 united states womens team in gymnastics won a Olympics GOLD interior the gang finals and Shannon Miller winning a GOLD on Beam her ultimate adventure. And in 1988 united states womens team gymnastics have been given penalized .5 off interior the gang finals, via fact yet another gymnasts became into on the remained on the rostrum, crouched down low. on the top of the evening the individuals misplaced the gang bronze medal to the East Germans by making use of 0.3. Faehn is fairly to no longer blame for this deduction. In 1992 the country womens gymnastics team have been given the Bronze interior the gang finals.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bode Miller Gold, Lindsey Vonn Gold, Shaun White Gold, anything Short Track, Seth Wescott Gold, Evan Lysechek Gold, and........thats about it!

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