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IOC to investigate Canadian women's hockey team for celebration. Investigate what ?

I fail to understand what there is to investigate. Do the IOC not even know whether this is or is not against their rules ? Do they need to know whether they are going to receive bribes or not before making a hasty decision ?

Either drinking and smoking cigars in pubic as part of celebrating is permitted or it is not; What is there to investigate ?

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    They are NOT investigating.

    A minor issue that some AP reporter tried to turn into a "scandal" when he ran to the IOC and tattled on them. It was a dumb mistake but the IOC has more important things to do with its time.

    Doctor Feelgood: I get sick of people that only hear rumours then quote them as fact. Scotty Lago was disciplined by the USOC, not the IOC. The IOC didn't investigate that, they won't investigate this either. The hockey team got their wrists slapped and issued an apology. And they are Canadian, it's hard to send them home.

    Dr. Feelgood: She's legal age in her home province, it's not like this is her first beer.

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    Well, we don't make the rules, the IOC does, so it doesn't matter if we find it innocuous. To them, this is a serious breach. Underage drinking on the ice in view of the media is against the rules apparently. I have never seen winners drink on the ice, so I can't really compare this to anything.

    These rules have been in place, it isn't as if the team is being penalized where someone else wouldn't have been. Rules are rules. I have never seen the men celebrate by drinking and smoking on ice. The coach should have taken control of the situation to protect his players from this. Who thought to bring alcohol on the ice? They don't even do that in the NHL.

    There is no need to start talking about bribes, etc when no one knows what is happening,that is uncalled for.

    I am sure it will all blow over and maybe a reprimand will be issued and that will be the end of it. The media is just trying to make news where there is none.

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    The issue was that (1) it was in public, not a private place like the dressing room, and (2) one of the girls was drinking underage. Whether anyone agrees with it or not, that's what the IOC is going to look into.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    To be honest, I don't think anything big will come out of the matter. They will get a minor reprimand from the IOC and the issue will then be swept under the carpet and forgotten.

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    Apparently they took it out of the locker room. Hockey Canada is saying that it was ok for them to do it in the locker room, but they took it to the ice. Even though the stadium was empty, it still pissed off IOC!

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    The issue is that it happened in public instead of in the dressing room. Lame, I know.

    @ Dr. Feelgood-That was the USOC that sent Lago home, not the IOC...

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    What is there to investigate is that one of the players was drinking alcohol while still underage by local law. Plus, they were smoking and drinking alcohol while wearing medals and their uniforms within an olympic venue premise, that's a big no-no. An American snowboarder bronze medallist was kicked out just for going overboard at a private party by having a girl kissing his medal hanging from his groin area. If he got disciplined for something as trivial as that, then I expect the IOC do something with them where they even broke the law.

    Mr. B- And I get sick of people saying an underage drinking alcohol in an Olympic venue is a "minor issue".

    Mr. B- Doesn't matter if she's legal in her home province. She is not in her province, she is in a different province where her age is still illegal for drinking. She broke the law, period.

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    They need to "investigate" my ***.. my thoughts are they are just going to see what the majority of people think. They'll wanna do what most people feel is right.. at this rate i'm sure they'll just let it go... like they should..

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