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Writing a Letter - How to use Bc: and Cc:?

I am writing two letters.

One is a letter of refusal and one is a letter of congratulations.

In both letters, I need to include Bc and C: or Cc:

I don't know where exactly these two belong and who I would forward it too.

In one of my letters, I am a Program Coordinator, and in another i am a Dean.

Who's name would i put for Bc: (job title?) or C or Cc?


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    Cc stands for carbon copy, from the old days before computers when secretaries would type a letter on two sheets of paper with a sheet of carbon paper in between so that whatever got typed on the the top sheet of paper got copied on the bottom sheet.

    Bc stands for blind copy. I've also used Bcc for blind carbon copy.

    You use cc for the copy you want to send to someone other than the addressee to let them know the letter went out. It appears at the bottom of the letter where it will be visible to the addressee.

    You use bc for the copy you want to send to someone other than the addressee without the addressee knowing. It goes on another sheet of paper so that it is not visible to the addressee.

    Hope that helps.

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    Cc On A Letter

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