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Since everybody is too busy arguing about the apolo dq...?

What about the relay? Seems like nobody wants to talk about that. Some people say that we (canada) cheated in the 500m. But what about the relay? Are those people thinking that we cheated too?

For other people who actually know about the sport, are you happy with the results? I sure am. Didn't think we would get a medal as we weren't very successful medal wise since the beginning of the olympics in short track speed skating. I am very proud of our men for winning gold. :)


Edit for Will - I'm sorry to spoil it for you. How can I know that you haven't watch it? It is now 2 am on the east coast and the event happened 3 hours ago...

Update 2:

Jay - There were 4 judges. Why some of you act like this is a 1 judge thing? There were 4 judges who agreed on their decision to dq Ohno. Hamelin didn't even do anything. The korean felt by himself. Even his coach agrees to this. There was no bias. If anyone think there was, they should complain to the IOC.

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    But, the relay was great. The strategy to do their exchanges on the other side of the ice proved to be brilliant. A great night for Canada.

    The Ohno decision was tough. He seems like a really good guy and he's often the lone North American hope against the South Koreans. When the falls happened I was praying they were going to somehow just DQ the Korean and it would be an all-North American podium. Not the way he wanted to end his Olympic career, I'm sure.

    LOL Jay, us Canadians have had to put up with with goodness knows what tonight. Not just the refs but the skaters and sometimes our entire nation being slandered....and the occasional nonsensical reference to five beavers and a canoe...but for the most part, we understood the frustration and let people vent while trying to not take it personally.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think Canada is cheating at all.

    I remember during the Beijing Olympics when some "questionable" results came out in favor of China, but the Chinese are not the ones who produced those results. They say that sometimes judges subconsciously let the energy from the crowds affect their scores a little.

    Naturally, people are thinking about it this year! A lot of people seem to think scores for the bronze medal figure skater from Canada were higher than deserved. Were they? It's difficult to say. Her performance was NOT its best; that is true, but was it bad enough or was the competition good enough that the scores are questionable? Obviously, no one has an answer, but there is ALWAYS controversy!!

    Personally, I think the judges who DQed South Korea yesterday were wrong. That just looked fishy to me and I don't agree with the call.

    I didn't see tonight's events, so I can't comment, but I hope no one blames CANADA for these. Bad calls are the faults of the judges, not the host nation! (and once again, I'm not saying that it was necessarily a bad call)

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  • 3 years ago

    i think of it grew to become right into a sort of "i won't be able to have faith that only befell" variety of moments. to 3 human beings, the Canadian fell earlier the frenzy. To others, Apolo Ohno pushed him. i in my opinion think of it grew to become into unfair in comparison to all of the pushing the Canadians and the Koreans have been doing to make the finals. yet in addition, the Canadian fell, so as that placed Apolo at an excellent threat for DQ, and he have been given it. I guess if the guy did no longer fall, Ohno might have won 2 medals this nighttime... A silver and Bronze. i like how Ohno took the DQ with classification, and understood the unpredictability of his sport. He even have been given returned out that nighttime and have been given a Bronze interior the relay, which grew to become right into a tough bounce returned from being disqualified. Apolo Ohno nonetheless has 8 medals, maximum embellished iciness Olympian. He has made the fast track sport right here interior the united statesA. a million circumstances greater conventional. i did no longer even care to video show this sport until Apolo Ohno all started racing. he's between the celebrities of the Olympics (between Lindsey Vonn, and Shaun White). i'm hoping that short track will shop its popularity right here interior the united statesA. while Apolo retires, by fact i won't be able to even bear in mind everyone else's call besides his.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To previous answerer Victoria - the difference between Chinese getting help at home and this is that this was a Canadian referee who had two different events to look at and even though they were nearly identical, made both choices in the manner that benefited Canada. He was clearly biased and did not make equitable decisions.

    I understand the Ohno DQ, I disagree with it, but I understand it. What I don't understand is why Hamelin was not DQed as well (assuming honesty and fair play are important). I don't think either deserved a DQ but the decision needed to be the same.

    As for the relay it was a good race - they are even crazier than normal short track races. And no, I don't think the Canadians cheated in the relay. I don't think anyone has accused the Canadian RACERS of cheating - just that official. There is no way anyone with a brain can say he didn't cheat for his home country. Two extremely similar events decided in completely different ways with one thing in common - it benefited his own countrymen.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I was sure Canada was going to medal in 500m and Relay because thats their best short track event. In the others theyre not so hot, theyre good at the speed based ones besides the pass skill ones. Props to Canada, it wasn't USAs night (but I still say Apolo's DQ wasn't that good of a call--and no i'm not blaming it on refs being biased).

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  • tron
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    1 decade ago

    I thought the relay was awesome and strategically great.

    I honestly thought it was the Koreans to lose as they have been dominant in distance races

    BUT, what the Canadians did and you may or may not have notices was with about 8 laps to go, they went from exchanging every 1.5 laps (which is normal) to every 2 laps....which threw off all the other teams (Korea actually missed an exchange because of this).

    very impressed and proud of the guys as well!!

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Again thank you for spoiling it for those of us who haven't seen that event yet.

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