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My Children's Names - What do you think?

These are my children's names. What would you have done differently? Obviously is not going to change anything since they are already grown. :-)

Also, does knowing the history and a little bit about them make a difference?

Caida Marie - 17 - Long blonde hair, Blue eyes, Taller, Irish Dancer, Super smiley/bubbly.

This is a Japanese name. It means "Little Dragon". It's usually spelled Kaida, but I thought the C looked prettier and it reminded me of a friend from high school whose name was Cacia. My first name (and my mother's first name and my grandmother's first name and her mother's first name...) is Marie.

Micaiah John - 15 - Dirty blonde hair, Blue eyes, Slender, but toned, Break Dancer

Have loved the name Micaiah for years. It means the same thing as my husband's name (Who is Like God?). We are a Christian family and love that this comes from the Bible. We debated about Micaiah James or Micaiah John for a long time. We decided on John because it's my husband's middle name and my next door neighbor growing up was named Micaiah James. We usually call him Ciah for short. A couple of his friends call him MJ. I still prefer Micaiah. We also debated taking out the first 'a' because of an argument with my mother. She insists that I spelled Caida's name wrong and it should be pronounced Ky-duh instead of Kay-duh. I insist that in the English language 'ai' always makes an 'ay' sound (which the exception of names). I became a hypocrite by naming my son Micaiah, in which the 'ai' DOES make an 'ii' sound. We thought about spelling it Miciah, as not to be contradictory by having one kid with an ai-ay sound and one with an ai-ii sound, but we decided to go with the original Micaiah in the end.

Raena Louise - 4 - Looks exactly like me. Long brown hair. Bright green eyes. Loves Ballet and Tap and Reading (Yes, she can read. They've already labeled her as "Gifted")

I lost out on this one. I wanted to name her Raena Emily. Emilie is my minute name. My mother whined about not being honored for months, and at the last middle we decided to shut her up by giving my daughter her middle name. I like it, but I would have preferred Raena Emily, especially now knowing that she is so much like me. I know we picked a weird spelling, but we had several good reasons for doing so. Raena was the name of one of my best friends and fellow dancers growing up. Beautiful dancer and a real smart cookie (graduated at age 15!). Rayna can easily be shortened to Ray because y is such a concluding letter. I have a brother-in-law and an uncle who are both Raymonds that go by Ray and they are both obnoxiously rude and I didn't want them to think I was naming my child after them. Finally, Raina seemed too 'hippie-ish' for us.

Elijah Garrett - 1 - Blonde haired, Blue eyed, Bouncing Toddlers, Loves Playing Boats in the Tub

We debated between Elijah and Isaiah for a looong time. Garrett is my husband's father's name, as well as one of my best friend's. Nothing else really to say about it. Elijah is Biblical. We call him Lijah.

Please don't be too rude. These children do exist :-)

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    Such lovely and unique names.

    My name is Rayna, and my future daughters name is going to be Raena or Raina :D

    Once again, such beautiful names, and I can really tell how much you love your children.

    You made me smile today.

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    They all have great names and sound lovely, it seems just a bit creepy though that you are so describing them to everyone. I guess you must be very proud, but I wouldn't want my parent talking about me like that

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    Very nice names, but why do you ask now?

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    all of your children will have terrible futures

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