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Do the Olympic Games really unite the world?

Nastiness from Pravda and the English press, and other snide remarks from the losers, do not cement relationships. Personally I hate the playing of the national anthems and the flag waving. It is the individual athletes that win - not the countries. I like to watch the athletes and am awed by their dedication and skill. I salute them; not the country that they happen to live in. I think that it is long time to squelch the nationalism. Politics should take a back seat in the games.

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    No it doesn't. As an example, the Russian Press, Pravda has gone so far as to call Canada "cowardly" and Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan "Abjectly Cruel".. All because they lost in hockey and their golden boy Plushenko got beat. For reasons that I can't fathom the British press has done nothing but attack these games as well. So to say it unites the world, is looking at the world through rose coloured glasses.

    Come 2012 in London, there'll be bickering, arguing, finger pointing and general bitching, just like always.

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    I agree with many things that you say in your question. Look at the S. Korean ice skater (who trained in Canada). She said in an interview that if she did not take home the gold her country would turn their backs on her. I was basically relieved for her that she won the Gold. No athlete should have the much pressure from their own country or people on them. I like to see an underdog win, but they all practice so hard to get to where they are, any of them (as long as they play fair) deserve the medal.

  • The unification of the "world"? No, in my opinion. The purpose of the games is for nations to present their champions in competition without the hubris of politics and war. The host nation was/is to provide safe conduct of the participants even between warring nations and hostilities.

    Remember an amazing athlete named Jessie Owens? Remember the venue? The Berlin Games held in Nazi Germany. The Nazi's wanted to push the concept of Aryan supremacy. Jessie Owens and a pugilist by the name of Joe Louis rained all over the Nazi parade. It didn't prevent a world war but it was a piece of the social puzzle that highlighted the decline of colonization, and lead to the realization of civil and human rights. Athletics and the athletes themselves at this level indirectly become the ambassadors humanity that open doors by bringing awareness and shed light to those otherwise not much interested by virtue of honed skill and accomplished that we individually may not accomplish, but know we are capable if one applied them self. If not in athletics then in other useful endeavor. The "Spirit of the Games" bleeds into other areas of human endeavors and accomplishments.

    It is to foster, once again my opinion, to a forum for dialogue for peaceful relations, much as music and the arts convey messages. Unfortunately the medias incessant drive to create drama, to facilitate high interest via controversy, is sad a detractor.

    Iroqvn! I Said That!

    Source(s): Google Video maintains a four part BBC series " Century of the Self". It is one of the best explations of how the Edward Barnez(?) the father of American Public Relations introduced his uncles unpublished work to corporate America, to mass manipulate thought into action. Another infamous individual used the theroies in practical application to perpetrate some of the greastest crimes against humanity. Check it out.
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    Yes, it reunites the world, rich and poor, young and old. Mostly in the Summer Olympics, there are 200+ countries who attend the Summer games, only 80+ countries attend Winter games (some of them not in the ice/snow oriented nation like Ghana or Jamaica). But what I don't like about the Olympics is politics are mixed, they also watch every Olympic events. Thank god that Barack Obama did not attend the Vancouver Olympics. Except his veep, he was there.

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    Consider that even North Korea was allowed to participate, yeah, I'd say it's a uniting influence. Nasty things are said because people get competitive, but there are lots of really great moments too.

    ex. Here in Canada, there's a commercial that tells the story of how (in Turin) one of our cross country skiers lost a pole and a Norwegian coach gave her a new one, and that allowed her to keep going and reach the podium. And then we sent him 500 tonnes of maple syrup or something crazy.

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    No. In the summer games, there have been many instances in which athletes from Iran have withdrawn so as not to compete against athletes from Israel. I think if anything, it just brings political rivalries into a new stage. (i.e., Japan and Korea; U.S. and the Soviet Union during the cold war, etc.)

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    I really believe it does unite the world. The individual athletes are their to REPRESENT their country, how can you represent a country without an individual to do so?

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    I believe it does bring people together and there are moments of brotherhood that get displayed... at times. But as the saying goes, 'you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it.'

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