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What does the four nations have to do with the results for the bidding of the Olympic games?

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    In Canada, the First Nations are recognized as their own nations and they are self-governing within a rather complicated system. In British Columbia it is further complicated because no treaty regarding First Nations territories was ever signed. Because of that, four First Nations claim parts of Metro Vancouver as their home territory (some overlaps, some are distinct I believe).

    As self-governing nations within Canada, and with the games being held on their traditional territories VANOC and the IOC sought their involvement in the process. Through negotiations the support of the four First Nations was agreed upon which improved the strength of Vancouver's bid and ensured that the First Nations would be active partners and not left on the outside and protesting the Olympics on their territory (justifiably protesting, I would add).

    They are nations but not states, but as a sign of respect the leaders of the four First Nations were given Head-of-State status and treated accordingly during the opening ceremonies (which, unfortunately, they were late for).

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  • If Your speaking of the First Nations of the First People the have a lot to do with it. It's on their land.

    Source(s): Treatys with People.
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