Smallville Poll: Clois (Clark/Lois), Clana (Clark/Lana), Chlark (Chloe/Clark), or Klark (Kara/Clark)?

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    Dude, pardon my geekiness, but....Nothing Sinks a Bogus 'Ship Like Canon. ^__^ For real.

    It has to be Clark/Lois because that's how it turns out. That's how it turned out--_Smallville_ as fiction may have a present day-setting but the *story* is of Superman's past as a teeanger and young man.

    As for the rest:

    --Clark/Lana's been done, but the problem is that most all mainstream versions of Superman in the previous fiction (comic books and movies) have him outgrowing the crush. It's a shame too because in many ways Lana's better for him--he's never had to hide himself from her. Where with Lois, really, it's a head-game for how many years? Before they get it together?

    --Chloe/Clark just doesn't work. She was a character made for the show, and frankly it shows. Especially if you go back to the early, high-school material, a lot of what the Chloe character does just doesn't seem *possible* for a small school in a farming community out in the middle of Kansas. It would be barely plausible if she were running a school newspaper in a big-city school.

    I gave up on the character when they made her a Kryptonite Freak, honestly. I was hoping they'd do something a little more clever than that. Are you kidding me? No. They're family. I don't care if they are alien family, no. No. Eww, no. Not to mention, they made the Kara Jor-El character rather creepy too--she's actually older than she looks but Einstein's relativity kept her from fully aging on the trip to Earth? Eww. So we have Divorcee Britney's mind, in the body of Cute Pre-Preggers Britney? Eww....realistic, but no.

    And did anyone even look at the age difference between the actors who portray the characters? EWW. No thank you, been there, done that, I'm *finally* done having nightmares of a certain nameless former couple possibly having E.T.-lookin' "babbies" out of the deal. No thanks.

    Dude, skip the fanfics when it comes to main characters. Say it with me: Nothing Sinks a Bogus 'Ship Like Canon. Either pair up the ladies, as above, or *let* the minor characters flirt (like with Chloe/Ollie pairings, or maybe a Kara/Bart non-pairing). For real. Hell, didn't they nearly make an Aquaman spinoff out of that? Ok then.

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    You forgot:

    Loe(lana/Chloe),, Kana(Kara/Lana)

  • Clois made me lol.

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    oooh! My name is Lana! lol!

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